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Being asleep, and having a rather nice dream involving a spa, a zombie apocalypse and a hot chick (which shall not be detailed here), Sunil had no idea of the steadily approaching cinderblock-armed psycho. Even if he was awake, he wasn't in the most perceptive condition, leaving him open to whatever grisly fate any random passers-by felt like inflicting on him.

Sleeping in the middle of the open was rather comfortable for Sunil.

Sure, it wasn't the best strategy and it betrayed Sunil's defeatist, lazy, don't-give-a-shit attitude to the world at large, but as was common with people with don't-give-a-shit attitudes, he didn't give a shit.

Were it not for Garry's timely intervention, Sunil's temporary lapse of judgement could have been the end of him.

However, Garry, in a heart-warming but also rather stupid display of altruism, did intervene with more than enough time to spare. He also happened to wake up Sunil, at the WORST possible moment. Just when the dream was getting good. I mean, before it was just a bunch of absurdist hi-jinks with maths teachers kicking zombies in the face and evacuation centres being like duty-free bits at the airport, but hell; he was locked in a spa with a hot chick and there were just about to have so fun....

But no, Mr. Beard decides to save his life and protect him.


As Sunil groggily came to, he was too tired to assess the situation around him, and just mumbled incoherently as his vision tried to restore itself.
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