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Celeste just stared at the back of Pandora's head, an eyebrow raised. Wow. Even if it was a coping mechanism, it was a creepy one. All the talk of the Beast was making Celeste a bit nervous, and the fact she spoke so casually about a burned body...touched it...Celeste suppressed a shudder. She couldn't imagine touching a dead classmate. Much less facing one. Christ.

"Hm...can't really remember," Celeste shrugged, hands on her hips. She tried to appear and sound as casual as possible, tried not to let Pandora's...semi-crazy-talk get to her. "I held her hand for a while...then I remember letting go, but that was way at the start. And I can't remember where exactly we did separate, all's I know is I just realized she was gone. ...oops?" She grinned in part amusement, part shame, ducking her head a bit. Saying it out loud, she felt pretty embarrassed. Losing her partner/bodyguard like that...

A faint voice was heard down the tunnel, and Celeste straightened up. "Speak of the devil...THAT YOU?" she shouted suddenly. She grinned wider, teeth showing, as she turned to face Pandora again. "Hey, might not need your services much longer after all."
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