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For a few moments before he replied to her proposition, Gloria was tensed up, somewhat curled in on herself in nervousness. What if he refused? She didn't know why he would possibly, but the thought was still there. He had the right to say no. Had the right to smack her for the idea, or...or kill...maybe--

But her fears proved to be unfounded, and Gloria relaxed, smiling a bit more in sheer, unadulterated relief. She let out a tiny laugh, the first genuinely-happy sounding laugh she'd uttered during her whole stay here. That was progress! A few tears slipped out of her eyes, and she reached under her glasses to wipe them away. "I...I d-don't know wh-what th-the tanks and D-D-Dps is...but okay..." She reached up, holding the hand that didn't have the gun out, intending to shake his hand.

"W-We'll pr-prote-tect each o-other...ri-right?" she pressed on. "M-My d-dad used to b-be a po-police-man....I-I've an...an idea 'f h-how to u-use this...I--I'll be th-the best t-tank ever, y-you'll see!"
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