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The faceless fear
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Meredith nodded, listening to Celeste’s chatter. It didn’t bother her. Everyone was scared. The harsh reality of the past four days made Bayview and St Paul seem so far away, like a distant memory that didn’t matter.

But Meredith remembered. She sympathised.

She used the same strategy when she was in Bayview.

Talking staved off the fear.

“I speak as I always have. It is then as it is now as it will be until my flesh and bones are cold in the heat of the sun.” She said simply, "We have been forsaken and thrown into the realm of nightmare. The beast hungers for our hatred."

Making sure that Celeste was following her, she turned a corner, knowing that it would lead the pair deeper into the tunnels. Meredith had time to explore the tunnels. She’d kept a small map of them in her head, but mostly, she kept a map in her notebook. She consulted it now.

“I listen to the words of the dead uttered by the mouth of the beast in the morning. I do not go to his lair.” She continued as she checked her map, making sure she knew where they were going. “I closed the eyes and covered the face of the burned boy who stared at the stars from the steps of the black palace. This book is my mission. It will be taken to the place of shallow lives that lies beyond the nightmare.”

She made two lefts, then a right. Then paused and turned to face the girl behind her. If they were to search for this friend of hers, they would end up searching quite methodically combing the tunnels until there was not a part of it that was left unexplored. Hopefully, their search would bring up Celeste’s friend.

“Where did you lose your friend in Hades?” she asked.
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