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it was a graveyard smash
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Josie realized that she had her eyes clenched shut. She was still leaning on one knee in the moist leaves, her eyes shut tight and her lips zipped into a tight line. She was still a little child pretending she was invisible. Pretending that the person in front of her wasn't there. Pretending that she WASN'T begging to the gods for this person not to kill her. But she wasn't met with bullets or a slice to the jugular. She was only met with silence and darkness. And that scared her more than bullets or blades or tazers or whatever the hell.

She slowly opened one eye and stared back at the other girl. It was mostly dark, so Josie couldn't really tell who it was, let alone make out most of her features. But it was a girl, like her. Not that that mattered. Gender obviously wasn't a factor in who would kill and who wouldn't.

The staring contest was still on, apparently. Josie very slowly got off one knee and brushed off her clothing, not letting her eyes waver from the form of Kimberly. Not even once.


Josie cringed and something was tugged in the depths of her little heart. Hearing Sierra crying out for her made her feel bad for leaving her behind, even if it was for a slightly-extended bathroom break. Josie peered behind her very carefully and then turned to look back at Kimberly. "Shit," she whispered, too frozen to start backing up. She didn't want to make any sudden movements. Just running off could get her hurt. Josie couldn't protect Sierra if she had a bullet hole in her spine.

But finally the other girl spoke. Thank God, because Josie doubted that she would do so. She was never a very act-first person. The girl called her over and claimed that she wouldn't hurt Josie. Josie didn't immediately think, "Alright, she seems okay enough. Durrr, she'd never hurt me!" but she didn't exactly run for the hills either. She decided to go closer to the girl but keep a very firm clutch on her paranoia. She needed that paranoia. It kept her sharp.

Josie walked closer to Kimberly and nervously fidgeted with one of her snakebite piercings. She didn't even realize she was doing it, and as she walked into the presence of this mysterious gal, Josie dropped her hands and cautiously said, "A talk? I don't mind, but.." She offered a weary smile. "You heard that girl calling out for me. I don't want to keep her waiting.. She might wander off and get lost or something." Josie went quiet, afraid that she was blathering. What the fuck did this girl care if Sierra got lost and wound up on the dark side of the mountain?

"I'm Josie Vernon. It probably doesn't sound too familiar, since I haven't been on the announcements or anything..." More blather. She would have shut herself up, but the announcements did it for her. It wasn't announcement time, it was far too late. So why...?

The announcement was very strange. Josie could barely piece the parts together to try and figure out what happened. It seemed so distant from her own reality, this situation that wasn't supposed to happen. She sort of expected this whole Survival of the Fittest thing to go uneventfully. Kids kill each other, one person left, done. She'd never seen the show herself, and thus, she had no idea that escapes were attempted each season. That was dumb of her. Of course kids would try to escape! Who wouldn't? Well, Josie wouldn't, but she wasn't exactly the brightest crayon in the tool shed. See?

But then some Mr. Kwong came into the picture. A teacher! A teacher that was very much alive and well. Josie had him for a class once, but only for a few months. After she realized how difficult the coursework was, she dropped it, but it was still quite shocking to hear his voice. Hear his voice say such ridiculous things and... apparently blow a boy's collar. My god.

Josie shook her head. "Jesus Christ." She peered back and could almost see Sierra through the trees. It was too dark to see, but she could swear there was another figure there. Someone else?! Josie looked over at Kimberly and motioned her head to where Sierra was. "We can keep talking, but I wanna make sure Sierra is alright. Is it just me or is there someone else over there?" she asked. Her protective instincts were burning through again. She had to get to Sierra, but she was also weary of this smoking girl.
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