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((Garry Villette continued from These Three Remain))

Utterly miserable. That's how Garry felt at that point in time. It wasn't because he was hungry, having nearly run out of his rationed food supplies. It wasn't because he was only armed with a stick he'd picked up from the forest. It wasn't because he was still slightly sore all over. It was because while travelling from the coast to his current location, he'd had plenty of time to think. And boy did he have a lot to negative things to think about.

Several people he knew had died over the past four hellish days, close friends and aquaintances alike. Cyrille, Dougal, Violetta, Hermione, Miranda, Luke and Dan. They'd all died, and he was still alive to lament over their deaths. It just didn't feel right at all; Garry felt that he didn't deserve to live. He'd failed them, especially Cyrille and Violetta. He'd made a promise to the French girl and yet he wasn't able to keep it. Words could not explain just how pathetic Garry had felt upon hearing her girlfriend's name over the loudspeakers.

The only consolation he could think of was that the pair of them were now together in the afterlife, providing there actually was one. Garry hoped there really was, and not just for their sakes but for everyone's, as well as his. He didn't want to believe that after someone died, it was all over, their soul and mind were gone for good. Garry didn't delve into the afterlife aspects of werewolves when browsing online, he didn't even know if they even had one. After all, they were supposed to be immortal and couldn't die, unless they were killed with silver bullets, decapitated or set on fire.

Garry shuddered at the thought of being burned alive or having his head chopped off. 'That was... pleasant.'

He sighed and sat down on a tree stump, one of literally hundreds in the immediate area. His stomach rumbled, but Garry forced himself to ignore the sounds coing from his belly. He had to conserve what little food and water he had left. He held up the branch and found himself wondering what it would taste like. 'Whoa, back the hell up, did I just consider eating this? I ain't no damn beaver.'

He shook his head and casually glanced to his side to get a good look at his surroundings. His grip on the branch tightened considerably at what his eyes suddenly came across. "What the fuck?!" he cursed under his breath, standing straight up. Someone, Garry couldn't tell who, was lying on the ground amongst the stumps in the near distance. A boy crept towards him or her, holding something that looked like a massive grey brick in his hand. 'Is... is he about to kill someone with that thing?!' Garry thought, alarmed at the sight.

Memories of Clio's slaughter of Luke raced through his mind: Clio sitting with the smoking gun; Luke's brains splattered over the grass; Garry just standing there as it happened, powerless to stop it.

Garry gritted his teeth as he glared at the male, feeling his heart beating harder in his chest. He wasn't going to let something like that happen again. He wasn't going to just stand back and watch while this guy crushed the other person's skull in. He was going to make a difference this time round. 'You're not killing anyone today, not if I can help it!' Garry thought, leaping forwards and charging towards the boy.

"Hey! Drop the fucking brick, now!" Garry shouted out, brandishing the stick in both hands as he ran between the tree stumps as best he could, considering his ankle was still playing up. The branch was no substitute for the ji he'd carted along previously, but if he really needed to, it would still be good for delivering a good whack.
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