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You hate kings and you think kings are really stupid. They are petty, bossy tyrants and are really full of themselves and are basically awful in every way.
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She kept waiting for them to come. The words. The very specific very awful words that were about to come- they were about to come, right? Something along the lines of And for those currently with Ms. Polanski, you have two options. Either you kill her right here and now and receive your reward, or I blow your collars for collaborating with her. Maybe that. That would be bad. Maybe And for those currently with Ms. Polanski, you have already collaborated with her by saving her life. I will be commencing the punishment now. That would be worse. So which one was it going to be? Was it- well, no, was that really gonna be worse than... well, think about it this way, she wasn't gonna kill Liz even if ordered to so it'd just be the same as- but could she maybe count on someone else in the group to, like who could maybe- oh fuck Jesus no she wasn't really thinking that like how could she even, fuck, no, that way would definitely be just as bad because fuck, it's-

The words never came.

Instead there was just this little reminder that if Liz stayed at large for a while and if Charlie and the rest stayed with her throughout all that time then maybe Danya would send some men to kill them. So if they all just said goodbye to Liz then they'd be fine right? It was- it would be okay, things would be that okay. Danya wasn't gonna get spiteful on them, Danya was gonna let them all live even though they'd help throw a huge hole into his game. Charlie felt a little... no, not grateful. Desperate as she was for a few more moments of peace, she wasn't gonna let herself be grateful to Danya. But... relieved. That was it. Relieved.

Was that a bad thing?

It probably was. It was probably a very very bad thing that this girl right next to her this girl who hadn't done anything wrong she had a death on her conscience now and she had Danya talking about how he was gonna send men to kill her and Charlie's biggest thought was Well that's a relief. It was probably a very bad thing and a very shameful thing and she probably ought to be feeling some guilt right now. For shame, Charlie, for shame. Where is your guilt, where is your shame, where is your head bent low and your hands folded all contrite all ready to make amends for your awful crime.

To be honest? Charlie was having a pretty hard time feeling guilty about it. Still too much relief.

So maybe later.

For now, it was... yeah, Isabel was already leaving, they were already leaving. That sorta went without saying. It'd be nice to stay, maybe, if there wasn't the bounty on her head. It'd be- Charlie would've kinda liked that, even if it meant making their group even larger and harder to manage. Liz was a fucking weirdo, so Charlie's track record on the island so far meant that they'd have become fast friends. Little flashes in her mind's eye: Charlie defending Liz from some bully by slinging a stream of horrible nasty words their way. Charlie working up the courage to ask Liz for help with her science homework. And a hug.

Those never happened. Those won't happen. Oh well.

So it was time to leave. And from the looks of it, time to toss some parting gifts to Liz. Tiny little things that were definitely not gonna be of any use once trained men with big guns started coming after her. And after all, it was- oh, here's the guilt. Good timing. Really really good timing, so... yeah, Charlie was gonna leave her something too. Opened up her bag. Wondered what would seem the most heartfelt.

The mirror. The little handheld mirror that was her weapon, that was her first and only line of defense against bad scary men, that wasn't the shiny gun she'd wanted but was her weapon anyway. Give that to Liz. Make a little speech about how you can't do shit with it, but Liz, wow, she's such a fucking MacGyver that within ten minutes of getting her hands on it, she'll set up some Morse code lasers to alert satellites to our presence and get a space shuttle to land on this island and rescue us all. Give her a shy little smile at the end, implying that you're being kinda goofy but you're also kinda worried for her and you also secretly do hope that she gets us all rescued. Somehow.

So Charlie did... she did part of that. There was a little mirror at Liz's feet right now, maybe she'd notice it and maybe she wouldn't. Maybe she'd pick it up after Charlie and the others were gone and maybe she'd do something with it, maybe she'd get just enough use out of it to throw another wrench or two in Danya's game. So the mirror was there, the gift was there, the thought was there. But the little speech and the little smile and the little bit of encouragement when Lord knows Liz needed some? But the words?

The words never came.

(Charlie DuClare continued elsewhere)
Jeremy Franco is alive. You can write a better ending, goddammit.

Charlie DuClare is dead. And nothing was easy anymore except to smile.
Julian Avery is dead. Courage was the man with a gun in his hand.
JJ Sturn is dead. Fuck it, all good things gotta come to an end.
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