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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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Alan followed, close behind Jimmy, every step closer he took felt like a train was being driven through his heart and out again; but Alan didn't run, Jimmy will protect him if anything went wrong, not that anything will go wrong. Alan kept thinking this over and over again as they inched closer to the group. Alan thought once again of Zoey, but before he could get into another long and rambling trail of thoughts, Jimmy spoke.

"Oh, my God! You're the first friendly group that I've seen in a while."

Alan chuckled slightly at Jimmy's joke.

"Indeed, I guess you are." Alan said nervously and impulsively, instantly regretting it after he finished. "I... We're not interrupting anything, are we? I'd hate to intrude on anything... Anything private." He continued in the weakest but most sincere way he could manage.
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