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it was a graveyard smash
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((All GMing of Nik in this post is approved))

SLICE! There was a sickening crunch and a watery red substance leaked from the offending object. The blade that had been forced into the object was stuck there, unmoving and obvious, embedded in the flesh. The red substance pooled and dripped down.. down.. down.. into the grass.


There was another disgusting sound. The blade kept coming down, slicing again and again. There was a strong smell filling the warm summer air, and with a final SLICE, there was-

"I've finished slicing the watermelon!" Fiona's father called, looking back at his family as if he'd just crafted the fine watermelon himself. He seemed almost proud of his workmanship of slicing a mere watermelon, and he gladly handed each of his children a slice. Fiona always looked forward to this day, the first day of summer. Her father always celebrated by slicing open a wonderfully juicy watermelon. It was her favorite fruit. She loved the smell, the taste, those disgusting seeds that she usually tried to spit in the general direction of her brothers... And at the end of the day, she'd play a game of flag football with her bros.

Life was perfect. Sitting here in the warm June with a watermelon, Fiona remembered looking back at the remainder of the fruit. That knife was still stuck in the melon, embedded and hanging there. It wasn't anything note-worthy at the time, but it was something that stuck in her memories.


And that's what Fiona was reminded of now. As soon as her axe met its target -- Owen's head -- a sickening crunch filled her ears. Her lips twitched and she released the hold that she had on the axe. Owen's body went limp on top of Nik, blood pouring from that horrible slice in his head. Fiona couldn't stop staring, but she also couldn't stop obsessing over what emotion she was supposed to feel. Panicked, worried, scared, guilty?

She supposed she shouldn't obsess over something as silly as emotions when there was a dead boy in front of her, and it was, supposedly, all her fault. Okay, not really. Fiona would never admit as much. It wasn't her fault. Owen had been asking for it. Hell, he was trying to kill her only ally! The only human being that she felt safe enough with, the only human being that she trusted her life with.. on this island at least. So guilt? She pushed those emotions aside. Guilt would take no part in this.

Yet, Fiona still couldn't tear her eyes from that image. That image of the watermelon, no! Not watermelon -- Owen's head. Yes, that image of Owen's head with her axe stuck in it. It was revolting, it was.. it was.. She felt like a normal person would puke or cry right now, but Fiona had long-since discovered that she wasn't normal. There were no tears to be cried or vomit to be up-chucked. So, she managed an extremely shuddering breath and looked over at the very blood-stained Nik.

She gave him a sloppy smile and said, "Sorry. About all that." She motioned at his bloody shirt. Fiona hadn't even realized that she had gotten a bit bloody in the act of axing a guy in the head, but it was nowhere near to the extent of Nik.

Nik proceeded to thank Fiona, but she merely ignored him, turning away as if examining the landscape. She saved Nik's life and took away another. It was strange, something she didn't really want to reflect on. Because if she started reflecting on her new life as a murderer, she'd start thinking about other things. Philosophical crap, like 'who am I?' or 'why am I here? Would I kill if I wasn't on this island?' All stupid questions that Fiona would regret pondering, so she pushed it from her already-quite simple mind.

Fiona took another shuddering breath as Nik mentioned Danya's announcement. She had completely forgotten about that. By the next morning, everyone would know of her kill, but no one would know the whole truth. They would either think she'd gone crazy or axe-happy. Maybe they'd consider the fact that she was reacting in self-defense (even if she wasn't, not really), but that didn't change much. Everyone would still be weary.

Her image of being a plump brain-dead cheerleader was over. And, needless to say, she really loved that image.

"True," Fiona finally managed. "But we know the truth, and hell if I'm going to put too much effort into getting people to believe us. And.. Sorry if I'm speaking too soon, but.." She glanced over at the corpse of Craig as if she were casually looking at a very interesting painting. "What happened with.. him? I mean, I saw what was happening, kind of, but I didn't hear a thing.. Was it just self-defense.. or?" Fiona shook her head before she said anything else. "Never mind. Tell me later. We should probably bail before anyone else shows up."

Gathering her things, she watched as Nik closed Craig's eyes and muttered an apology. Fiona audibly sighed and waited. Nik uprooted Fiona's axe, which definitely ignited some happy feelings inside her. Well, she wasn't exactly happy that Owen now had a caved-in skull, as it smelled quite terribly!, but at least she had her axe back. It was almost scary how fond she was of the thing, but she liked it, covered in Owen's gore and all. She was almost tempted to wipe the blade in the grass, but she resisted. Owen's blood just made it look all the more badass.

Then again, that was suspicious, traipsing around with a very-bloody axe. She'd wipe it off later when the pair came upon a creek or something.

Fiona looked back at Owen's caved-in watermelon head and turned away, completely ready to blow this area. "Nik, if you're done talking to dead people, then let's go. You want to bury them too? No? Alright, then I'm ready."

She was ready to get the hell out. As the pair walked off into the distance, Fiona slung her bloody axe over her shoulder and tossed Nik his gun.

((Fiona Sparki and Nik Kronwall continued in Take Back The Fear))

(And, if I'm not mistaken, THREAD CONCLUDED)
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