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While Carol made a token struggle against Reiko, it wasn't what the girl was hoping for. She wanted her to kick and scream and struggle and fight back, to try to live. But she didn't. She just rolled over and kind of died. Somewhere within all the rage, all the contempt that Reiko was feeling for the girl who lay beneath her, having her life choked out of her, she felt... sad. Sad that it was so easy, sad that she wasn't fighting back, sad that she was dying, that Carol wouldn't be around anymore. She was killing one of her only friends. Somewhere inside her mind something was telling her to stop, that this was wrong and it was all a misunderstanding, and yet she didn't. She just pulled and choked and squeezed until Carol stopped moving. It wasn't until that moment that the chain went slack, the metal implement slipping from her hands as she stood up.

Reiko couldn't look at Carol. Or rather, Carol's body. She didn't want to face what she had just done. There was nothing she could do to turn back time, to keep her anger in check, to stop herself from doing what she just did. Even if she refused to look, she knew what had happened. Even if she tried to block it out mentally, the physical pain she felt in her hands from the chain was enough to remind her of her deed. The stinging sensation behind her eyes, the dull ache in her chest, everything was reminding her of what she was. There was no hiding from it, no justifying it. One word rang clearly through her consciousness above all else.


This was it. Reiko had passed the point of no return. As soon as her name came up on those announcements, everyone would know her for what she was. Sarah, Ben, Jacob, they would all know that she was a murderer, a cold blooded killer, thinking of no-one but herself. Which, in a sense, was true. Reiko had fallen into Danya's little trap, had gotten into thinking about her own survival, and she had acted upon it. And now... Carol was dead because of her.

Reiko's head lowered, Carol's shotgun coming into her view. Even something as simple as that was enough to cause Reiko to close her eyes in disgust. Disgust at being in this situation, disgust for herself. The girl had to practically force herself to open her eyes again. The gun was still there. Reiko's hands slowly reached out, taking the weapon in her trembling grasp. She almost put the gun back down, not wanting to have another instrument of murder, but managed to keep hold of it. She might not have wanted it, but she didn't want anyone else to have it either. Still avoiding the sight of Carol's body, the girl grabbed her bag. Then she began to walk away, back towards where Rizzo lay.

Rounding the bend, Reiko reached the spot where everything had gone downhill. Rizzo still laid there, eyes staring vacantly into the sky. She knelt down beside him, and with one hand, closed his eyes.

"I'm sorry..." the girl didn't know what else to say. Words just weren't enough anymore. Words wouldn’t be bringing back Cyrille or Sally or Raina or Rizzo or Carol. They were dead, and she was responsible. Reiko stood back up, shouldering her bag again and grabbing the dead boy's by its strap. It didn't quite feel right taking the belongings from a dead person, but she was running low on supplies. Shouldering this bag as well, Reiko began to walk away from the scene of her latest atrocities, silently holding back the tears that were threatening to burst forth.

((Reiko Ishida continued in The Hardest Part))
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