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Raine was incapable of speaking a single word. Everything in her head was swirling around in a giant mess. Was Ridley being inhuman by not doing anything about her? N-No...Ridley was doing what was needed desperately at this minute. He was trying to stay calm. Slowly, Raine opened her eyes and wiped them free of tears. It was then she got a strong whiff of copper. Raine's eyes widened as she hadn't realized in her hysterics that her hands had been in that pool of blood.

The smell combined with the idea of what just happened was enough to snap Raine out of her hysterics. Reaching up with a bloody hand, Raine grasped the wall of the tunnel and yanked herself up.

"I. Am. Standing. In. A. Dead. Body. Do you get that? Do you understand that all I am seeing right now is blood?! That it didn't occur to me to check him for blood because, maybe, just maybe I was genuinely afraid that he was going to fucking kill me?!"

"Then step off of the dead body Rena!!" Raine snapped at Rena. "How would you feel if someone stood on your dead body? Just...for Christ's sake...get off of them..." She kept shaking her head, Mr. Kwong's voice ringing in her ears now. Would he have wanted his students to act like this?

"I don't want to be forgotten..." Raine whispered, more like a mantra now than a pitiful whimper. "And....I do not want to forget."

Raine then turned to face Ridley. Ashamed that her facade of being optimistic was destroyed, Raine lowered her gaze pitifully. She couldn't even look her boyfriend in the eye. She didn't care if Dustin stayed or if Dustin went. She was seeking approval from Ridley just as she had sought approval from everyone else in her life. To her, approval meant they would remember her.
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