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((Isabel Guerra continued from Faraday's Cages))

Isabel tromped at a steady, determined pace through the forest to put distance between her and Liz. She needed to be as far away as possible to ensure no one decided they were together. But was that all there was? No, she had to run from the girl. She had to forget that she abandoned someone in the forest to most certainly die. Logically, she had done the right thing, but there was a feeling of having done wrong.

Once out of the woods she saw a small house of some sort. If she remembered correctly there had been a ranger station on the map. She had seen it when they were looking for the river. She stepped out into the open ground before the house. In front of the station there was a boy sitting. Upon closer inspection, he was not just resting.

What’s this?

A note. A note to be quiet. And his name was Ethan. Seemed familiar. It was all rather curious. Slowly, carefully, she pushed open the door. She walked heel-to-toe and heard the cacophonous crunching of the glass under her shoes in the silence. She opened the door to a room and saw a girl on the floor with some contraption attached to a bike and….a computer. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand to stop herself from making a sound and the girl nodded them in. Isabel sank down next to the girl, she was very beautiful, and was handed a sheet of paper. She read over it and understood, passing the paper to Dave. As he read she took a moment to think.

Another escape. Another plan. Only they don’t seem to have noticed this one. I guess we can thank the boy for that. It’s risky. But…..what else have I got to do? Maybe I can help this girl to make up for the girl we left.

Dave had passed the paper and she looked up at him. She nodded to Feo and took her first shift on the bike. The back wheel was lifted off the floor by a toppled file cabinet and attached to the motor. Time passed, when it wasn’t her turn she’d lay on her back and stare up at the ceiling. She counted the little dots in the stucco. At one point she and Dave played tic tac toe. They played game after game, scrawling over the papers from inside the desk. Xs and Os filled the time, covered the floor, kept her from thinking more about the island. She won game after game. Isabel never thought she was especially good at tic tac toe, she supposed Dave just wasn’t very good at it.

Well at least I can always say I was tic tac toe champion of the island. I may not win Survival of the Fittest but I DO win at tic tac toe, and that’s ALMOST as good. Almost.
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