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Rena's cheek stung, and she felt tears spring to her eyes. How was she supposed to react to being smacked? She'd never been hit before. Ever. Believe it or not, Rena Peters was not the type of girl who got into a lot of fistfights. Maybe she deserved it. Maybe she was overreacting. Maybe she was becoming hysterical.

She glance down at the pile of lumped over red meat that was now covering her shoes.

No. She wasn't overreacting. Not in the fucking slightest.


Rena tore her gaze from the leftovers of her old classmate and back to Raine. Apparently, she wasn't the only one who felt the pressure getting to her. Rena wanted to offer an arm, a hug, something, but she wouldn't be much help, would she? She was in an even worse place than Raine, emotionally. Another slight glance down reminded Rena that she was in a worse place physically, too.

"Would everyone just calm the fuck down?"

Ridley? Rena looked at him, eyes narrowed. So his girlfriend was bawling her eyes out, sobbing about her mother or something, while they were standing in, not around, not near, but literally in a dead body- and he was still thinking that they were the ones acting weird? "It's like you're not even really human." Rena whispered under her breath, afraid that he might snap if he heard her.

“...I’m Dustin Royal. And this wasn’t me. I just came down from the other end of the tunnel. I heard...it sounded like a few people. Some screams. Must’ve been...this.”

Dustin Royal. She didn't really know him- but she knew of him. One of those "I am way cooler than you" guys. Apparently a real douchebag- although Rena really couldn't judge that well for herself. But, apparently, not a murderer. Always a plus to one's character when they aren't a crazy axe killer.

"For fuck's sake, Rena, think before you make a fucking speech like that, alright? This guy's clean."

Another quick glance at Dustin revealed that yes, in fact, he had no blood on him. Of course. Of course Rena was overreacting.

Another look down. That'snotwater. Another churl in her stomach, another deep swallow to keep the vomit down. No, no, no. Rena was acting perfectly normal considering the circumstances. Ridley was just being an asshole.

Ridley said something else, but Rena didn't really give a damn anymore. The vile anger that Raine's slap had temporarily subdued was now back like a forest fire.

"For fuck's sake Ridley!" Rena tried to put on as much of a mocking tone as she could manage. "What the hell is your problem? Your girlfriend is screaming over there, and you don't even give a damn? You...you..." She choked on her tears, her vomit, the hysteria rising from the pit of her stomach. Her heart was in her throat, and she was certain that another second in this tunnel and she would vomit her entire insides outside, until she was nothing but a pile of misshapen and unrecognizable guts on the floor, joining her classmate. "I. Am. Standing. In. A. Dead. Body. Do you get that? Do you understand that all I am seeing right now is blood?! That it didn't occur to me to check him for blood because, maybe, just maybe I was genuinely afraid that he was going to fucking kill me?!" Tears poured from her eyes, running through the dirt on her cheeks.

"I can't do this. I can't spend another fucking minute in this goddamned tunnel do you understand? Raine and I are breaking down, you're acting like some inhuman dick, and there is a pile of organs at our feet that used to be a student! So maybe, before you start yelling at me for not noticing things, you should take in your own damned surroundings! Maybe, just fucking maybe, we should get the fuck out of here before I vomit and start running!" Rena's voice pitched to a scream, which choked out and was swallowed by her sobs.

"Oh Christ. Oh Jesus Mother Fucking Christ. I can't do this. I can't stay in this tunnel anymore. I can't do this, I can't fucking do this." Rena sniffed in a large chunk of snot, gasping for breath. She took another shuddering breath, begging for composure that wasn't ever going to come.

"Can we please leave. Dustin...he's not going to kill anyone, I don't think. I don't care." Another shuddering breath, another sniff of snot, another glance down, another swallow of vomit.

"Just...please. Please. Please."

She couldn't say anything else.

Rena Peters was broken.
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