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((Jake Crimson continued from Wind in the Willow))

It was an alien world.

Jake had emerged from the sea of trees. Now it was a sea of stumps.

Endless hunks of wood no taller than his ankles stretched as far as the eye could see. An entire section of forest had been cleared as if by magic, leaving nothing but scattered logs and thin foliage among the clean-cut expanse.

The sky was orange, casting a glow that made the setting seem even more eerie. He felt almost as if he had walked through a wormhole in the forest and came out on another planet, staring out into what those creatures called a forest. Or perhaps a city for a race of tiny, anti-sized creatures with miniature ray guns and ships that could fly up his nose.

Okay, I AM going insane.

He was shaken from his reverie at the sight of a dark lump sitting against a stump.

The shock of it caused him to almost fall over; while ordinarily he'd have ducked behind a log, his head had been hurting more lately and he had gotten more dizzy. Rather than leap to the side in a move that would make Marcus Fenix proud, he made a half-hearted stumble and caught himself on a stump.

What was he supposed to do? Kill this kid? Somehow, he was amazed if he could do something like that. He wanted to survive. Hell, even on the first day he was hoping he'd find some idiot with a good weapon, beat the crap out of them, and finish off the game perfectly. But ever since he hit his head, he had been feeling......odd. Like there was something else in there.

He pushed the thoughts aside. For now, it was do or die.

He cracked his neck, hefted the cinderblock in his hand, and began to slowly move forward, inching as slow as humanly possible toward Sunil. Half out of fear, half out of stealth. Once he did this, there was no going back.
Characters for v4

Christopher Carlson: B052
Weapons: Brass knuckles

Jake Crimson: B084 (Adopted)
Weapons: Cinderblock

Characters for v5

Clayton Leven: B050
Weapons: Handcuffs

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