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The bread in Tabitha Gweneth's hands had slid out of her now loosened grip. Imraan had started by challenging Ivan by asking his own question back at him. His gaze then turned to her and she felt her body turning ice cold. Imraan was a member of GODspeed and they were always such a friendly group, he was also a jock and she remembered watching basketball games in the bleachers when the Huskies were battling the Cougars.

There was something different now though, something scary to the way he looked at her, and then back to Ivan. He said that he had heard his name on the announcements. Of course he did. Everyone on the island must have known what he had did. They just had only met Nick before that and she could barely remember how he reacted when he saw him now. Had it all just dissapeared into a blurry picture?

It didn't matter right now though. Imraan had pointed the shotgun at him.

Tabi inched towards Ivan, shuffling her feet along the tufts of grass. The waves were trying to drown out the sound of Imraan's shouting, but she could hear what he was demanding. He wanted to know about the gun that was inches away from them. He wanted to talk about what happened to...to Keith...back on the mountain...

Tabi couldn't stop the shaking now. Her hands and legs were going numb with the fear that Ivan would be shot. Imraan didn't know that Ivan had cried afterwords! That he had stopped himself from doing what he did in the forrest! He had saved her life multiple times, and if he died right now...

What would happen to her?

A loud screeching noise answered back and she found her self crouching down with closed eyes. There was a moments pause and she was at first welcomed by the fact that, it was not the gun that had gone off, but instead the sound system. Her eyes began to pry open and she slowly stood up once more. The voice wasn't Danya though.

Is that...Kwong?

She remembered classes with Kwong. He was always a stern teacher and she remembered struggling through algebra in his classes. He was always a hard as nails teacher and not always a very helpful one, but a member of the teaching staff was alive! That had to have meant something right?

Tabi's hopes were dashed though as she listened on. She heard him forcibly read the script that Danya had read out to them all. He mentioned a Liz Polanski, something about tampered collars, and then something about her being a target or else...

Or else he would be killed...

Tabi felt her arms hugging her body again when he heard him talk about how some other kid was killed, just by pressing a button. Did that mean...she could be next?

Her thoughts were ripped away from her when Kwong had tried to say goodbye but were cut short. This had sent yet another shiver that ran down her spine. She felt the sweat dripping from her brow now, not because of exercion but because of fear. Fear of what was going to happen to all of them, fear that Imraan was going to shoot. A fear that she would be...

Ivan started to speak about what he had done and Tabi felt the desire to be struck deaf right then and there. This was the moment! Ivan had admitted it all, why he had gotten the shotgun. What he had done to get it. What he now was...a mur-

"But Tabi had nothing to do with it, so please don't shoot her."

Tabi could hear her heart beating, she could hear it rumbling against the sound of the waves crashing against the cliff face. That thump-thump, slowly overtaking it as the only thing she was feeling. Her face was beginning to slack and she felt heat rushing to her cheeks as she stood their, staring into the back of Ivan's head.

Her mind was blanking out. He was right of course, she had done nothing. She had done nothing at all. She sat there; hiding away and crying her eyes out while Ivan had continued.


Her brain was starting to catch up with what was happening though and she felt both happy and terrified. Ivan was protecting her yet again. He didn't want Imraan to kill her! This act though scared her, was he sacrificing himself? Why? He hadn't done it on purpose! He was a good person! He had never wished for any of this to happen!

Tabi's hands began to slide down her body again, stopping at the lowest bullet hole in her blouse, her finger poking through the fabric once more. Her eyes were now on Ivan, watching...hoping that nothing bad would happen next...
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