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The bokken was grazing the hairs on Nik's neck when Nik heard Owen whisper something to him.

"Don't feel bad when your friend saves you. This is the way I wanted it..."

Nik's brow furrowed into a look of confusion as he continued to struggle against Owen. What the hell did that even mean? This is the way he wanted it? He was trying to kill Nik for killing Craig, of course this is how he wanted it. Nik was on his back about to be choked, what more could Owen ask for?

Then came the whispers again,

"When I'm gone...lay me next to Craig."

It took only a split to realize what Owen was doing. He was trying to die. He was baiting Fiona. Nik heard Fiona's voice, but it was too late to stop her from whatever she was about to do. Nik tried to yell out to her, but the struggle against Owen had left him breathless.

The next sound was sickening. Owen fell forward onto Nik. Blood streamed down the sides of Owen's head, running onto Nik's face. Nik was frozen with the shock of the moment. He'd honestly thought Fiona was going to shoot Owen, but this, this was something else. Nik could see the handle of the axe, leading to the blade firmly planted into Owen's skull. The blood continued to flow onto Nik.

After a few moments, he pushed Owen's body off of himself and sat straight up. The blood on his face ran down his neck and onto his shirt, the redness of the blood making an immediate spread pattern on the white shirt. Nik then brought his hands to his face to wipe the blood from his eyes, followed by using the bottom half of his shirt to wipe the blood off his face.

Nik got to his feet and turned to Fiona,

"Thanks. You saved my life Fiona." Nik said, not wanting to tell her that Owen intended this.

Nik looked around and noticed another boy running away from the scene.

"We're going to have to be careful now. That asshole Danya will probably tell everyone I killed Craig maliciously, and that you killed Owen, without mentioning that you were trying to save me."

Nik paused and stared at the ground in front of him. He could feel his anger building but this was not the time to unleash his frustration. He needed to press on. He needed to get his stuff, get Fiona's stuff and just move away from this area. It was like a residential area curse on Nik Kronwall. He'd encountered his first dead body mere feet away from where he now stood, and now there were two more at his feet, both of which he knew he felt guilty for.

Nik walked over to where Craig's body laid. He bent over and closed Craig's eyelids.

"I'm sorry." He whispered before rising and walking back to where Owen's body was.

Nik used his foot to roll Owen's corpse onto it's stomach before placing that same foot on the side of Owen's face. Nik understood how disrespectful it seemed but he had to retrieve the axe. The first tug didn't do it, but the second tug did, accompanied by a fresh stream of blood gushing out of the wound. Nik threw the axe down at Fiona's feet before grabbing Owen's legs and dragging him next to Craig. Nik flipped Owen back over and closed Owen's eyes as well.

"I'm sorry Owen. I just hope Fiona didn't hear what you said. It'd be better for her this way. I think I understand why you did what you did." Nik whispered to the bloodied corpse.

Nik got up and went back over to Fiona.

"Are you okay? Ready to get the hell out of here?"
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