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"If you're the monster who did this, then fine. Kill us. Do what you're going to do-I'm not going to beg, because it won't change anything. But understand this. If you did kill this kid, if you kill us, then you better enjoy your next few days on this island. Because you will never rest again. You will be dragged down to hell by the people you killed. You're going to die on this island just like all of them- the only difference is that they won't die monsters. Even if you win, you'll be forced to face their families. Forced to live up with what you've done. If you're the monster who did this, and you run, and you don't kill us, then I will make it my personal mission to make you suffer a death more painful then any other in history."

Ridley could hardly keep to himself how stupid he thought that little speech was. She already ranted on about who Ridley thought he was, but look who's talking! He wasn't even aiming his gun at the poor guy and Rena was already going on about killing him with it!

Meanwhile, Raine was crying out more loudly than he gave her credit for. And then an announcement starring a teacher at the school came on and crowded the air with even more pointless noise. He wanted to improve the situation, but all of the shouting was enough to quell any concrete thoughts he tried to manifest.

"Would everyone just calm the fuck down?" Ridley said with a raised voice. For a moment, he thought that he was going to break into a full-on shout, but was glad that he was able to keep his voice below that. Even so, his voice echoed up and down the tunnel walls much more than he thought it would.

“...I’m Dustin Royal. And this wasn’t me. I just came down from the other end of the tunnel. I heard...it sounded like a few people. Some screams. Must’ve been...this.”

Ridley scanned Dustin up and down with the help of the light from Rena's flashlight. He didn't have a drop of blood on him; he was not the one responsible. "For fuck's sake, Rena, think before you make a fucking speech like that, alright? This guy's clean." He looked over at Dustin again. "Whatever. Empty your pockets and your bag. And do it slow. Let's see just how dangerous you really are." This time, he really did draw the gun from his pocket, aiming it at the guy's legs. Just in case.
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