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"Thanks," Celeste grinned, mostly in relief, as she reached out, squeezing Pandora's hand tightly in hers. Giving it one good, hard shake, she nodded her head in thanks. "'preciate it. Dunno if you wanna leave the tunnels yourself--I mean, hey, if you're good at hiding in them and you've memorized the layout, why spoil a good thing, eh?" Well, until it was announced as a danger-zone. "Wait, no...when you hear it in the announcements, the tunnel fairy's gotta leave, 'kay? Hide in the trees maybe." Celeste shrugged a bit. Would Pandora hide in trees?

Maybe she was so attached to a particular spot that she'd stay in the tunnels after after they were announced as "blow your head up" areas, she'd stay in there. Celeste couldn't say she'd be sad, but she still didn't like the thought. "Don't want your head mangled..." she muttered.

"Soooo....'Hades.' The notebook. All that shit...coping mechanism, right?" Celeste asked, tilting her head a bit. "Treat it like a game or something, things are better? Or a fairytale?" Wasn't a bad method, she thought...She wanted to keep Pandora talking--hearing someone speak in the dark made her feel a bit safer, and Kayla might hear their voices and find them again all the faster. "Where'd you come up with that stuff?"
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