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It didn't take long for Lily and Aileen to catch up. Good. Aaron was not feeling super patient at the moment. Definitely not feeling like having to stand around forever while they caught up. They really should have been keeping pace. Should have been making more of an effort to keep the group together. After all, Aaron was the leader. It was his job to set the speed. If they had issues, they should have told him so. Still, he liked having his little breathers, his times to sort his plans. Liked the fact that he actually knew what he was doing.

The largest annoyance at the moment was that Richard was missing. Again. It seemed like the boy wandered off at every possible opportunity. It was very, very difficult for Aaron to keep his cool in the face of that. Coupled with Aileen's neediness and his own fatigue, it was very certainly approaching time to take a rest, before he completely lost it and kicked half the group out, told them, if they were so smart and self-reliant, to find their own damn escape plan. Still, that wouldn't be the right thing to do. He had to keep his help. Had to save them. Save everyone. The things he did to help people astounded him.

Aileen was interrogating him. Again. Probably hoping for more information. Good thing he'd had time to write. Good thing he'd taken the extra precaution of writing across non-sequential pages. No way was he going to tip the whole plan to his allies. If he did, there would be several instant problems. Someone, like Richard, would probably read everything aloud, for one. Even if he could prevent that particular disaster, they'd instantly be wanting more details, more specifics. Or, worse, they'd decide to revolt, decide they'd had enough of being led by someone sane and intelligent, and just kill him and enact the plan without his assistance. That seemed the sort of thing Aileen might pull. Lily would probably intercede on his behalf, and he did have the gun, but that wouldn't guarantee victory, and, more than that, even if he emerged triumphant he would need a new group.

Time to dole out another little tidbit, though, to keep Aileen from feeling like no progress was being made. Checking the angles of the nearby cameras, making sure they wouldn't see anything, Aaron showed her the first page of plans.

it seems pretty clear, given the lack of electricity around the island, that they don't want us to have acess to power. the question, then, is why? i think we can probly assume that its because electricity is some how dangerous to their plans. the thing is, there's electricity all around us. those cameras dont run off magic. i don't know any batteries that last for weeks, and they cant be solar because then a week of clouds would end this whole thing.

that means there has to be a generator somewhere.

There. Plenty to keep her thinking. This was the part of the plan that seemed particularly obvious to Aaron. The part he'd been hoping to check with Bounce, to make sure nobody else had tried. Still, it seemed unlikely. His classmates paid attention to how things were, but they were infuriatingly limited when it came to figuring out the whys of a situation.

After giving what he judged was enough time for Aileen to read his message, Aaron snapped his notebook shut and stowed it again. He was about to suggest setting up camp, waiting for Richard and taking a rest, when the voice distracted him. Someone was shouting. Seeing if anyone was there. Aaron snapped to full alertness, drawing and leveling the gun in the rough direction the voice had come from, at the same time stepping behind a tree. It blocked his line of sight of the speaker, but that would be more than worth it if this came to a firefight.

"Who is it?" he called, voice much softer than whoever had spoken first. "This is Aaron Hughes. I've got a little group here. We're armed, but we aren't looking for trouble. If you want to talk, come out with your hands in front of you. Empty."

The voice was not super familiar, but that wasn't doing Aaron's state of mind any favors. He could rule out most of the truly horrifying killers, at least: Reiko, Kris, and Clio were female, Maxwell had that accent, and Aaron knew how Nick and Ivan sounded. Still, no point taking any chances.
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