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"Sure thing, boss. You just keep your head down here until I give the all clear"

Okay, Tiffany was still calling the shots. That was fine with him. He knew that he stood a better chance if he let somebody else make the decisions for him. He tucked the gun into the back of his jeans and moved towards Mia, his hands held high to show he meant no harm.

"Hey!" He approached the seated girl slowly, wondering how much water he had left himself. "I come in peace." Damn, stupid line. Especially since he was now a known killer. "You okay there?" It was dull, it was boring, but it was non-threatening. He'd rather not have to kill somebody in front of Tiffany if he didn't have to.

He considered turning back to see what she was up to, if she was keeping her head down, but he didn't want to let Mia know that he wasn't alone. Not yet, anyway. Between Tiff and the gun he had a few cards he could play. Hell, maybe he'd luck out and there wouldn't be any need for a fight just yet at all.
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