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Recognition. Wait… she knew these guys. Well, Jessie really knew most people, insomuch as she could put names to faces. She had a knack for remembering people, probably had a fact or two in her head about most everyone at Bayview. Perhaps she was a little nosy, Jessie liked to think it was because she cared about everyone, not just say the hockey team… or Imraan.

But the pair in front of her, now that she was a little closer, were familiar. Not well-known or close, but familiar. The girl was Violet Druce, dyed hair making her immediately recognisable. She, and Jessie felt a slight creeping of unease at this, made amateur slasher films. But… no. Liking gory movies didn’t mean you were a psychopath. Much as Jessie hated say, the Saw films, the people exiting the theatres hadn’t suddenly turned into serial killers. Besides, she was with someone. Mike Moretti. Jessie didn’t know a whole lot about his hobbies, he wasn’t notorious like Violet. She did remember him from a couple of advanced classes though, he was… an okay guy, she supposed. Had a bit of an ego, but that was nothing exceptional. Jessie’s immediate concern was the weapon he had raised above his head. Some kind of flail.

It would’ve been a lie to say that it didn’t give her pause. It looked vicious, lethal. Mike wasn’t the most muscular guy in the world, but a swing from that would be all kinds of bad news. Jessie forced herself to not think in that way. They were scared, just like everyone was scared – they didn’t know if they could trust her. Neither of them were going to act, just defend themselves… which meant she had to make sure that she didn’t act threateningly, or even in any way that could be interpreted like that.

Jessie started to step towards the pair, in spite of their warning, then stopped short when she saw somebody approaching from the opposite direction. Jessie didn’t have such a good view of the newcomer, but when she called out her name, the hockey player immediately had a quick mental profile to draw on. Courtney Bradley, the English girl that had transferred into Bayview a couple of years back. Jessie was pretty sure she’d helped Courtney make her way around the school a few times when she first arrived. It was a long while ago though…

This… made things a bit sticky. Jessie hesitated, now Mike and Violet had people on either side of them. That couldn’t be a good place to be in, not one bit. Even so… she couldn’t bring herself to just turn and walk away. Step number one in this game was trust, always had to be trust, but she couldn’t write people off because of justified suspicion. The olive branch had to come from her.

Jessie slowly turned 360 degrees, arms still spread wide, showing quite clearly that nothing was tucked into her trousers. She locked eyes with Mike.

“I understand. But I’m asking you to trust me anyway. Nothing more, for now. Just to trust me from what you know of me as a person,” Jessie gave a little shrug. “If you can’t… well, no harm and no foul, I guess. Please, just try.”

Then, more voices.

Oh man. This was getting crowded in a hurry and tenser by the moment, no matter who these others were…
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