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((Milo Taylor continued from Fucking Compasses... How Do They Work?))

Milo had been running, screaming almost nonstop for roughly half a day and a night. This was nothing new for him; the island was getting to be less and less enjoyable with each passing minute, let alone day.

Eventually, however, he made his way to the woods.

Good. Thank Me. We're good. I'm away from the cockroach. Little did Milo know, as fortunate of an occurrence as it was, the tranquilizer had worn off.

"Shit, I'm hungry," he muttered to himself. He set his daypack down, unzipped it, took out a loaf of bread, and began digging into it like some kind of annoying idiot piranha.

Suddenly, he heard rustling, scribbling and human speech a short ways off. He wrapped the small amount of bread that was left up, stuffed it in his daypack, hefted it up, and took a walk over to see who it was.

Lo and fucking behold. A few people he didn't know, and that douchebag that broke his iPod speakers yesterday. Fortunately, the group and the douche were moving separately from each other, or so it appeared.

In a moment of stunning clarity of mind, he decided to mask that he knew this, walk a short ways out, and call out to them.

"Hey, anyone there?" he yelled.

This is gonna be fun, Milo thought bitterly.
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