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What a jerk. Seriously, what a jerk. Good riddance. That left him alone with the girl packing a gun, but he felt better with her then he did with the other guy. Chances were that she wasn’t going to freak out on him anytime soon, so that was good. Considering that she was so freaked out that she couldn’t string two words together was a good sign. Good sign that she wouldn’t shoot him, at least. Less good if he decided that he was going to rely on that gun of hers. Could he really expect her to put up any real defense? Not frakking likely. Still, it was better then heading out with Mr. Angry.

Micheal looked on, trying to appear sympathetic. It wasn’t that hard, it turned out. It was a crummy little tale. Not exactly Mario taking on a giant dinosaur to save the woman he loves, but still plenty sympathetic. What were people supposed to do in this sort of situation? Not the overall situation, but comforting someone who was in distress? He wasn’t really the personable type, and even less the social type.

Normally, honest enough, he wouldn’t care. You know, sorry for your bad luck, but that doesn’t really affect me. But when she had a gun, and when he was just trying to find someone to look out for him, he could make himself care.

“I’m sorry.” Was that enough? Did it seem, well, lacking? Or did it make it look like him was an emotionless jerk that was just feigning sympathy? “Really, that’s, uh, rotten.” Micheal searched for the right words, looking away as he tried to put something that would make it clear he cared, at least a little, into words. Then he realized that she wasn’t really clear on whether he was alive or dead. He guessed the apology was still acceptable.

Still, he must have done okay, because she was asking to team up. That was a load off his mind. He let out a sigh, flashing a relieved grin toward the frightened girl. “Really, I wanted you to ask since I’d take me forever to get around to it. I’d love to have someone who wasn’t, you know, crazy, tagging along or to tag along with. So, sure, I’d be happy to party up with you. I can be the smooth-talking leader, you can be the tank/dps, while I be off-tank/dps. Sound good?”
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