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Can you hear me?
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((Aileen Borden continued from Where Do You Go From Here?))

Oh god, ow.

Why did she think it was a good idea to go on the trip in Mary Janes? Seriously. True, she always wore those shoes, but she didn't think to bring any other ones for the trip. And now they were hurting her feet like hot irons because she didn't expect to be sent off to a deserted island where she had to kill her classmates. What's worse was, she couldn't take them off because there were probably all sorts of things that could hurt her feet much more worse, knowing the woods and the students and the insects and the possible traps and the-

Okay, she wasn't going to whine on about this like some preppy Beverly Hills girl. If she wore something that couldn't work with walking around in the woods, it was her own damn fault, seriously. At least it could be worse, like high heels? At least her shoes were mostly flat...

In any case, where the hell was Aaron? As always, he ran ahead, off doing whatever. Really, he needed to just fucking stop with his habit of running ahead of the group and then pausing, hoping that everyone would catch up with him. That's how people got lost, because they didn't stick with everyone else. And if they lost any more of the group... god, Aileen didn't know what to do. Enough people had died, she just wanted to go home. Aileen vowed that if she ever got home, the first thing she was going to do was curl up in a blanket, drink nice hot tea and go on the world's most extreme nap. No coming home parties, no tearful speeches, just sleeping, pure uninterrupted sleeping.

Really, was that so much to ask for?

Oh look, there was Aaron and Lily. They were safe again. But where was Richard? Hopefully he was having fun pretending to be Jackie Chan or something again and wasn't lost. At best, he was right behind them, yelling about getting rid of the psychos on the island with his ninja powers or something.

Another "running gag" of Aaron's that she had noticed was that whenever he did run ahead of the group as usual, they would catch up to him, only to see that he was jotting something down in his notebook. And oh look right now was no exception. He was writing in it. Smiling while writing, at that.

Now what? Aileen had no clue.

She gently placed her things on the ground, and stared at the two.

Really. On one hand, she didn't "get" any of them that well, Richard and Aaron especially. Aileen was never a people person to begin with, so she wouldn't get what made people run ahead of the group like this or pretend to be a ninja while people around them were fucking dying. On the other, she still felt that protectiveness towards them, and if they died...

"Well?" she said in a low voice.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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