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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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So, Imraan wanted to know just how Ivan had gotten the shotgun? It seemed like a pathetic question to ask... the announcements outright said to the whole world the crimes the Russian had commited, though not in the detail that Ivan would remember forever... at least until somebody killed him. Yet there he was, on the receiving end of the Middle East's messed up version of the Jolly Green Giant's questionnaire.

The answer was saved for the moment by the sharp crack of the PA system working its way up once again. They had all just suffered through a round of the announcements, so Ivan was just as unprepared as everybody else was likely to be, almost jumping out of his sneakers.

Hit the deck?

Shove Tabi out of the way?

Try to repeat how he handled Clio?

Ivan's brain rattled out suggestions at the noise and, even when his racing heart managed to confirm the identify of what he had just heard, he struggled with what actions he should have taken. Imraan seemed even more distracted, apparently looking skyward to try and find the source of the noise. A second or so of this sight passed before the Russian's lungs welcomed a short gasp. This could be the chance to save both their lives, to reach down and pick up his shotgun before the tower of a man could have a chance to react.

It was a gifted thought two seconds too late. Before his daring (and incredibly stupid) maneuver could actually take place, the momentary distraction seemed out of the way. Everybody was now paying attention to everybody else and, as Ivan stared up at Imraan, he could only hope that he was going to survive long enough to hear the end of these unwelcome surprise announcements.

The voice he then heard surprised him.

Mr. Kwong is... alive!?

There shined a twin glimmer of hope and fear behind his green glasses, completely obstructed from Imraan's view. Mr. Kwong was Ivan's favorite teacher: a real hardass in every sense of the word, but if you weren't a goofball and did your homework, his unsurpassed skill as a teacher would really shine through. The terrorists had not yet killed him, which was wonderful. At least, it was, until the question arose... why would they keep Mr. Kwong alive?

Ivan got his answer in the address to one 'Liz Polanski'. Like many of the other high school kids, the name rung a few bells, but she was not a friend of Ivan's, so there was nothing coming to him besides maybe one of the many pretty faces in the hallway. And this pretty face... could very well have him killed.

Ivan resisted the urge to look to Tabi, instead listening for some telltale beeping that might tell him his time was up... or maybe hers. He got neither. After the second most uncomfortable pause he had experienced that day, the voice spoke up again, saying 'Dice-K Japanese-name' was eliminated. This wasn't any time to be letting out held breath, though. Not yet.

"... I got this shotgun..." Ivan began after another period of silence, "... as a terrible reminder of what I've done. Yes, I'm a killer. I murdered Keith." He was more resolute in saying it this time, no matter how much it pained him. If Imraan intended to execute a murderer, this would be his chance. "But Tabi had nothing to do with it, so please don't shoot her."
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