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The faceless fear
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Meredith looked at the other girl, just staring for a moment as she considered Celeste’s counter offer. Her fingers tickled the makeshift hilt of the shiv in her coat. The little blade was calling out to her, begging her to end the other girl’s pain right now, while she still could.

Except, she couldn’t because the girl was so cheerful and kind. She hadn’t taunted Meredith. Hadn’t called her a loser or insulted her. She’d simply made a counter offer, one that Meredith couldn’t refuse.

She’d taken Meredith seriously.

Meredith swallowed and forced her head to nod. She tore hand away from the shiv, that ever present temptation, and held it out for Celeste to shake.

“Very well.” She said, “I will do as you ask, for a loaf of bread and bottle of water. You will follow me closely and hold onto the edge of my cloak. Do not let go. I have no wish for you to disappear into the darkness. Hades is big and the labyrinth is deep. I will not find you if you disappear."
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