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Can you hear me?
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Suddenly, Carol felt a pressure on her back, forcing her stomach-first to the ground. Oh hell, what was happening now? What was going on? Did someone tackle her from behind or something? Did someone throw something at her? No, they tackled her and pushed her to the ground.

Carol struggled under the weight on her back, hoping to push it off. But, it was no use. She couldn't just push it off. The weight remained despite her protests.

Something slid under Carol's neck. She didn't have enough time to ponder what it was before it had wrapped around her neck and tightened.

Oh god, get it off get it off!

Carol's hands reached up to pry it away, but it was so tight... she could vaguely tell it was a chain or something like that. Oh jesus, she was being attacked and she couldn't fight it off. She couldn't scream for help or yell at them to stop. Her lips opened and closed like a fish, both in the struggle to say something and for air.

This was it, right?

No, this wasn't it! She was going to escape with everyone! She was going to be saved! Reiko would be with her! So would Ben, Jacob, Sarah, Kari, Rein, and everyone else!

The chain roughly rubbed against her neck and only got tighter with each second. It felt so cold and tight... her hands only trembled further as she attempted to pry it away. She couldn't. She couldn't pry it away.

Reiko. Was she doing this to her?

She couldn't be.

In spite of threatening her, she wouldn't do such a thing to her, right? She didn't really mean it. She probably meant something else, or just said that out of frustration. And Carol ran away like some coward. Yes, she was a coward. She ran away from Simon and their attacker, as well. She ran away from what was left of Hermione. This entire time she had been running away from her friends whenever something bad happened. And look how that ended up. Simon was dead, and she was being strangled.

She wanted to apologize to everyone. Simon, Reiko, Hermione, Rizzo... everyone.

The air was quickly leaving her throat, and Carol's struggles toned down, her hands falling away from her neck.

Her vision faded...

Suddenly, she was standing. She looked down at the ground, seeing a tomboy-ish looking girl being strangled with a chain and small yet dexterous hands. Was this... her? Was she standing outside her body? Was she dead? The girl's body was barely moving.

Carol felt herself being pulled away from the scene, the scenario seemingly disappearing down a dark tunnel until she couldn't see it anymore.

She looked around where she was now. And suddenly, she smiled.

Her friends! Everyone who had died, they were here! Wherever she was, she wasn't alone.

With the smile still on her face, she ran over to join them.


Elsewhere, in Nevada, she wasn't forgotten.

Mrs. Burke had tearfully called back home once the news of her daughter's whereabouts had surfaced. And needless to say, her friends hadn't been doing so well for the past few days. Every time the three remaining of the group of friends hung out recently, it was quiet, as if death itself was in the room. Alan, usually the energetic jokester type, was for once silent. All Whitney wanted to do was sleep, and it was hard just visiting or even just talking to her only to see how devastated she looked. Jake, however, was the only one who had bothered to look through what had been aired so far. And often, he wished he hadn't. Aside from all the myriad deaths and violence that he would see, occasionally he would find what he was looking for; his childhood friend Carol Burke in danger. The very first clip he had seen was the one where she had woken up on the beach and had a panic attack, only to be surrounded by students with guns. It was a good thing they turned out to be helpful. The next he had seen was one where she was crying, and soon another classmate had approached, only to commit suicide in front of her.

The clip of her that surfaced the day after that, though, had her pointing a gun at two people to protect her friend. He noticed that the girl she had been defending, Reiko Ishida, was currently one of the top killers on the island. He could remember Carol talking about her before. She often told everyone about who she met back in Minnesota, and what kind of things she would do with them. The two kids had run off, but they soon ran into another attacker (apparently his name was Maxwell or something?). He had tried to shoot them all, but one of the people Carol had met on the beach tried to fend him off while she and Reiko ran, only to get shot to death.

To be honest, Jake didn't want to view any more of this. Carol was in serious danger, and he couldn't do anything about it. All the death... the violence... it made him sick. Just the other day, he had snapped at one of his classmates who had been wearing a Survival of the Fittest T-shirt, as if nothing had happened. They didn't realize who these people were, who Carol was. Carol wasn't just some image on the screen, she was a good person who was in a horrible situation. They didn't know how much she meant to other people, and who would miss her.

But, he had to keep going and watching. Only because he wanted to make sure Carol made it out safely. If there was any way he could save her, he would. He'd give up anything to make sure she made it out alright.

So now, despite his wishes, he went to watch what was in store today. On the TV screen, Carol and Reiko were sitting down, talking... Reiko was doing jumping jacks... suddenly, Carol went to investigate something and accidentally set her gun off. Reiko pointed her gun at a guy who had been shot by the bullet, and fired.

He stared unblinking in horror as Carol and Reiko proceeded to have an argument. Carol wanted to leave, to be rescued and escape. Reiko didn't think this was possible. Carol had went over to her bags, and...

Right behind her, Reiko was holding a long chain. He knew what was coming next, but he didn't want to admit it.

Carol was knocked to the ground, the chain wrapping around her neck. He saw her struggling, trying to get Reiko off her. Her eyes bulged in shock and confusion. After a few seconds, her body stopped moving, and he could see her still face, her eyes losing the spark he always remembered her having.

With fumbling hands, he quickly shut the damn thing off.

That was it, then. Carol was never coming home. She was never coming on IM and talking to them. She was never going to visit them after graduation like she had wanted. She was never going to grow up and become a chef like she had planned. She was never going to live a long life. All those things had been taken from her, all because someone she once called a friend decided that it was time to take her away. No, because some terrorist wanted to send out a "message".

He could remember Carol. She, Jake, Whitney, and Alan had first met in elementary. Carol was always the cheerful energetic one, always believing in doing the right thing. They played together often, often card or video games. She and Whitney were particularly fond of them. They would often hang out together, and come over to each others' houses. Once Carol got an interest in cooking, she would often cook for them. Jake in particular was never good with that sort of thing, and to make matters worse, his parents often had to go out of town, leaving him to make his own dinner. Carol usually came over with some kind of food or another whenever this happened. He never asked for it to happen, it just did whenever Carol knew about it. And when it came time for her to leave, it was truly upsetting. Carol promised to come home once she graduated.

The last conversation they had with her over IM was fairly simple. Her telling them that she was going to be on the trip, Jake reminding her to be careful, she saying it was going to be fine, Alan cracking jokes, Whitney being the one voice of reason. Carol had said goodnight, and went to bed.

She never returned from that trip.

He had a phone call to make. He hated to be the one who broke the news, but he had to. He took out his cellphone, and started to call Whitney's number.

"Hello?" the girl's voice asked.

Oh god, how would he tell her? Her and Alan?

"... She's gone."

A silence. Then after a few seconds, she hung up.

Taking the phone away from his ear, he set it down beside him. Suddenly, he buried his head in his hands, sobbing.

A good soul had been claimed too early.

G015 Carol Burke- ELIMINATED

Coming to a V7 near you.
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