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((Hopefully D/N won't mind a little bit of GMing so I can write the post more easily. If it turns out to be a problem, I can change it.))

Feeling the impact of the driftwood against Carly was admittedly satisfying, his anger and indignation pouring out with every swing. And then the final swing struck her in the head and sent her tumbling down the hill towards her friend. Stupid bitch should've just kept her mouth shut and she would've gotten out of these a few bruises shorter.

As she watched Carly roll down the hill, the realization of what he'd just done hit him. FUCK! This is exactly what he was trying to avoid! He was supposed to integrate himself into a group and keep a low profile for as long as he could. But if he went around smacking people in the head with a stick, how the hell was that keeping a low profile? And what if he ended up killing her? That'd just make things even worse!

Sebastian was starting to panic, looking down at the boy at the bottom of the hill, who he suddenly recognized as the boy from the docks, the stand-offish one who seemed was practically itching to get in a fight. Well, looks like he had plenty reason to do so now. Sebastian needed to just the hell out of here. He took a step back.

And his foot slipped.

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Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! For Gilgamesh...it is MORPHIN' TIME!

V5 hopefuls:
Hiro Fukuyama: "N-n-no, I-I'm not scared."
Lucy Rosenberg: "If you're looking for friends, I don't think I can help you with that."
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The Dead

She wanted those horrible metal balls to stop banging against her legs

But would Celeste even want help from a guy that whips out his pistol without a second thought?
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