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They see me walking, they hating
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You know, you're not as strong as you think you are. Sometimes you need help.

...you're not as strong as you think you are...

...you're not strong...

Reiko's eyes narrowed as Carol turned her back. Of all the things that the other girl could have said in that moment... she'd said that. Reiko didn't need help from anyone, let alone little miss prim and proper. How could she act like everything was going to be okay, while at the same time questioning Reiko's ability to survive? Reiko looked from the retreating form of Carol to her gun. It would be so easy to prove her wrong. Just raise the gun and pull the trigger. Teach her to question her resolve.

The girl began to raise the gun in her hand, but stopped. Shooting her was a waste of ammunition. She stormed after Carol, pocketing the gun as she went.

How dare she, How fucking dare she.

Reiko returned to their little camp site, if you could call it that, to see Carol hunched over her bags, doing whatever. It didn't matter to the small girl. All that mattered was Carol was going to learn what it meant to be strong, to be a survivor. She wasn't just going to let her get away with it. She couldn't just let her walk away.

She slipped her hand into one of her many extra pouches, catching the chain attached to her wallet on the way up with her fingers. The wallet had seen better days, much like everything else on this damn island, but that wasn't the object of Reiko's desire at that moment. The two clips on either end of the long, thin chain were quickly detached, the wallet finding it's home back into her pocket. It would do.

Reiko looped the chain once around each hand as she approached the crouching girl. She almost considered spewing one of those cliché one liners or something before doing what she was about to do, but that just seemed silly. There was no need to waste time and energy on words. Without even giving Carol a chance to react, the small girl forced Carol off her feet and onto her stomach with all her weight, looping the chain that once belonged to her wallet around the girl's throat. Crossing the metal joints across each other, Reiko applied all the force and pressure she could.

She was strong.

She didn't need anyone else.

She could make it on her own...

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