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Can you hear me?
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"Carol... Things... things aren't going to work the way you want them to. No-one's coming to save us. Even if they did, I'm not coming home with you. They'll shoot me on sight. I've... I've done horrible things on this island."

No, that was... that was bullshit! Someone was going to save them! They were going to escape and get out of here!

"You heard right? On the announcements. About Cyrille and Sally and what's his name and Raina? They all died because of me. Their blood is on my hands. I, I fought for my life, and I came out on top. That's what it's all about right? Survival of the Fittest. It's the name of the game. The strong survive and the weak die. And I'm not... I can't be weak."

Reiko... seriously believed this.

She seriously believed that if she wanted to live, she had to kill people.

This wasn't right.

Everything was going to be okay, right?

Any minute now the army will come in and do something, or one of her classmates would figure something out. And... and...

No. This stuff cannot seriously be coming out of her mouth.

"I've always been strong. Ever since I was a kid, everyone counted me out. 'Oh look at Reiko, she's so small, she'll never be good at skating. There goes Reiko, she'll never get a boyfriend with that face.' On and on and on and on. They didn't think I heard them whispering but I did. I used those taunts, and they fueled me. I vowed that I would show everyone that I was better than them, and guess what? I did. Every single little prissy bitch, bitches like Sally Connelly, I proved to them that I was superior. This is no different."


Why did she seriously believe this? It wasn't true. There was no need to prove to herself that she was "the fittest". That was what that guy thought was good! He was just some terrorist, sitting back and laughing about people getting killed! Those people weren't just nameless faces! She was only proving that to him, and not to anyone else!

She sat in stunned silence.

What was she supposed to do? What now? Reiko seriously, genuinely believed all this. What was there to do? Here Reiko was, telling not only Carol but herself lies. She was so wrapped up in the "kill or be killed" mentality that she didn't understand that escape was most likely possible and that she didn't have to defend herself so much.

She was delusional.

No, she couldn't describe Reiko as that.

The world wasn't as bad as Reiko made it out to be. Simon, Kari, and Rein... they didn't attack Carol on sight. Hermione and Rizzo didn't, either. Even when there was bad people there were good people, right? There wasn't a reason to let this sort of thing happen...

"Look, Carol. You have to ask yourself. Do you want to die?" Reiko continued.

Her eyes widened.

Was that a veiled threat?

But, she couldn't do that to her friend! Friends were supposed to protect each other and make sure they were safe and be nice to each other and work as a team! If anything they were supposed to at least stick around each other to make sure nobody attacks them! They shouldn't threaten each other! That wasn't right! It wasn't going to get anything done!

Carol said nothing, reaching for her gun still lying on the ground, and lifting herself to her feet. It would seem that even after that harsh lesson, she still wasn't paying attention to where she was pointing it, because for a few seconds it was pointed in Reiko's direction as she fumbled with it. She stared at the smaller girl for a few more seconds before finally speaking.

"You know, you're not as strong as you think you are. Sometimes you need help."

She turned, heading towards the direction of where they had been sitting previously.

"I'm... I'm just going to get our things and head on out."

And within a few seconds, she had arrived at where the bags laid, still waiting for them after all that. Carol stopped and stared at the one labelled "B072- SIMON GREY". She could remember him asking that they took it and Reiko grabbing it in the commotion. He... he trusted them, trusted them with his life. There was a reason why he said he was going to hold the attacker off. He thought that they were worth fighting for.

But, this wasn't what he would have wanted, was it?

The thing that hurt Carol the most, though, was the fact that even though she wouldn't admit it, Reiko was hurting. She seriously thought that she had to compete to live by killing everyone. She kind of bought into the game without realizing it. What she didn't know was such thoughts were hurting everyone which included herself.

Carol wasn't a stranger to feeling pressured and alone, to be honest. When she first got the news that she was moving all the way to Minnesota because of her parents' jobs she was a wreck. She remembered feeling homesick a lot once she actually made it there, and often worried that people were going to bully the new kid. And the fact that she had left everything she grew up with in her home town- her friends, extended family, her favorite hangouts. But, she made it out fine. However, she didn't make it alone. She had her friends back home, she had her family, and she, most importantly, made friends with Amber, Paige, Ben, Jacob, and yes, Reiko.

Reiko wasn't the only one who felt pressured and alone. Everyone felt alone, didn't they? It's just that doing this sort of thing hurt everyone, not only the people she killed- the person's loved ones, Reiko's loved ones, and Reiko herself. This wasn't a good way to do things. There had to be a solution, right?

And suddenly, Carol didn't want to leave Reiko.

Maybe they could actually indeed find everyone who would help them. Maybe they could find Rein and Kari. Maybe they could find Jacob, Ben, and Sarah. Maybe they would be like Simon; at first suspicious of her but still help her. Maybe they could actually find a way out.

Perhaps Carol could just simply follow her, not alerting her of her presence, but sneaking right behind jumping in whenever she got into trouble again. She didn't want to lose Reiko so soon after finding her, did she? Did she?

Placing the gun onto the ground again, she reached for the bag, her fingers slipping from the straps each time due to her shaking hands. Her face and eyes were still red from crying, and her features were streaked with tears.

She didn't know what to make of her life anymore. Carol just wished this sorted itself out.

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