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"What do I want?"

Imraan glanced over at Tabitha Gweneth. Then he looked down at the shotgun by Ivan's feet. He had no idea whether what he was going to say was a bluff or not.

"Heard your name, Ivan. On the announcements, way back."

He realized that he couldn't remember who it was that Ivan'd been accused of killing. Should he let him know that? No, not yet.

He motioned to Ivan's shotgun.

"So what, that your prize you got for it, Ivan? Huh? What do I want? I wanna know if you're a killer or not, I guess that's it. I wanna KNOW what happened that got you that shotgun. Why don't you start with that?"

Then, a sudden burst of static whined through the air, followed by Danya's voice. It was a moment of distraction for Imraan, and to be honest he almost pulled the trigger in a moment of blind panic. But still, his head turned instinctively towards the sky at the sound, and his attention left the two people in front of him for the moment.
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