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[Hooray, only about six months later :P ]

"Yeah! Yeah you get up and get away from me, stupid! You know what Sebastian, I'm not scared of YOU anymore! You think you're a big guy, Sebastian! Get out of here before I kick you in your tiny balls!"

She saw George at the bottom of the hill, and turned to him, taking her attention away from her stupid arch-nemesis for a moment.

"It's OK George! I can handle myself! I can---"

Something struck her on the shoulder. HARD. Hard like it was going to bruise.



He had, and even as Carly tried to bring up her hands to ward off Sebastian's attacks he was hitting her again and again, hitting her with a big piece of WOOD of all things. Carly yelled, and took a step forward ready to claw that asshole's eyes out, when he hit her again.

"You stupid-ass Sebastian ASSHOLE! You--"

Carly stepped backward, her idea to claw that asshole's eyes out replaced by the need to get away from that asshole as quick as possible. But she only made it a half-step before Sebastian's last swing struck her right on the forehead and made her see stars. The pain exploded briefly, and then seemed to disappear. It was replaced with some strange, dull feeling that blurred her vision and made everything happen in slow motion. She stepped on the vase, shattering both it and the dreams of many of the more perverse SOTF fanboys lurking on the dregs of the Internet, and then she fell backwards and rolled, dully thinking about nothing at all.

Then the side of her head collided with the jagged edge of a tree stump, nearly buried in the grass, and although Carly slid a few more feet before coming to a stop, although she was still technically alive for another minute or so while all her vital functions wound down, her feeling days were done, too. For Carly Jean, it had been a quick, unheralded end, as most people probably expected.

Of course, Carly Jean Dooley had never had a chance to win Survival of the Fittest. She was an overemotional girl of moderate intelligence with few friends on the island and a joke weapon based on a lesbian rape scene. The oddsmakers had sensibly ranked her right near the bottom of the field with a few dozen other oddballs, weaklings and longshots, and most of the discussion about them was in regards to which of those presumed fodder characters would inevitably end up shocking everyone and making it near the endgame. Her death, when it came and went, was simply treated as a trimming of the field, another minor character killed off. A step above the kids who just go off and commit suicide or fall and hit their head on a rock, or those who are randomly shot in the distance by someone they don't know, but certainly not a scene or character that would be much remembered by the time the show was over. But you know what? If you'd told Carly in advance that she'd have at least survived a few days on the island and outlasted several of the supposed favorites, that she would get to meet George, that she'd be able to achieve a sense of contentment with herself, that her death would be quick and mostly painless, and that she'd be able to kick Jimmy Brennan in the balls, well, she would have still been sad about dying, sure; but all in all she'd have been OK with that.

Even if had to be by fucking Sebastian.

GO36 - Carly Jean Dooley - DECEASED
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