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"That's Rachel Gettys. She's killed. Twice. We're all in fucking danger here. Get everyone to move away quickly, and I'll stay and hold her off. If you wanna stay here, you can, you have a gun of some sort and you look like you stand a hell of a better chance than the other two girls and your unconsious friend there."

Joshua almost froze on the spot. It wasn't until that point that he remembered where he had heard Rachel's name being mentioned... Namely twice during the announcements as the killer of Theo Behr and Edward Belmont.

Oh jeez... Okay, stay calm Josh. She doesn't seem to be tryin' to kill anyone JUST yet. Probably best to keep it that way...

The others began to whisper to one another, Anna suggesting to take Marty upstream whilst Michelle asked Aston if she could have her crowbar back. Whilst Joshua nodded his approval for Anna's suggestion, he couldn't help but notice that Rachel was observing them the whole time...

"Psst, guys. I think she's watching us..."

"You people and your mutterings, I come not to kill, but to save, so you can relax."

The living anachronism almost jumped in fear after hearing that, half-expecting her to strike at any second. Which she didn't of course. If anything, she seemed to be a lot saner then he first realised. If anything, Joshua was beginning to suspect that he might of been wrong about her after all.

Sure, she's a little bitchy now and again, but that doesn't mean she's an instant psycho or anything!

Then she began a speech about they were going to get off the island via Heaven... Or, something along those lines.

...Nope, I was right the first time. She's nuttier then a fruitcake. Figures...

He gave Ben a funny look when he began to speak to Rachel as if he didn't already take the hint that she had a screw loose. Maybe he was pretending to believe what she was saying in order to get on her good side? That made a lot of sense actually... Humouring her and playing along so that she doesn't try to get all divine retribution on their asses.

Then again, maybe Ben Powell was just being an idiot. Either way made sense.

"Uh, yeah! That sounds great Sarah, I mean, Rachel! But um... Me an' the girls already kinda have a plan of escape ourselves. Thanks for the offer though! I mean, REALLY thanks!" the wannabe rocker said, putting on the cheesiest smile he could handle given the situation. It wasn't often that he came face to face with a complete psychopath who'd committed blatant murder on more then one occasion. Sure, he saw R.J shoot a girl in the chest, but that was different. R.J was acting out of self defence, which Joshua saw personally... Rachel, on the other hand, only claimed that she had done her kills out of self-defence. And considering that she 'defended' herself twice in a row, Joshua was more then a little sceptical.

Oh, don't forget to wink!

Sure enough, he turned his head to Aston and the others and gave a 'subtle' wink.

Jesus, where's the goddamn Batman when you really need him!
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