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((Sunil Savarkar continued from Living in the Aftermath))

Sunil felt like crap.

No, that was an understatement. He felt like shit. How that was any different from feeling like crap, Sunil didn't know, but he just knew it was worse.

He felt sick, he felt bored (it was a little thing to complain about, but Sunil was sure he wasn't alone in missing all the little comforts and distractions from his comfortable everyday life), he felt depressed (the thought of an impending premature death was hardly the most comforting of thoughts), he was paranoid as fuck, he'd just seen a guy got shot for no god damn reason...

He still wasn't sure whether running away like a coward was the right thing to do.

Sure, it was pragmatic, but the whole shooting was probably a misunderstanding or something. And maybe the extra little help he could have provided would have been enough to save the victim's life.

Or maybe he would have just got in the way.

Burying his head in his hands, Sunil slid down onto the ground, a small, lonely tree stump propping his back up. He had no idea what to do any more.

And the recent "semi-announcement" from Danya (well, Mr. Kwong to be exact) hadn't helped.

It had temporarily resparked a hope that escape was possible, a third option existed with enough work and determination. And just as quickly, it had snuffed it out. Danya was offering whoever killed this Polanski girl (Sunil didn't know her that well, but judging that the life of Mr. Kwong was apparently an effective bargaining chip for her made her seem like a teacher's pet) a weapon.

And all those dumb souls who had already succumbed to the temptation of the game would probably lap it up.

It was frustrating, but Sunil had to be harsh and admit that, since all hope of even her escaping was negligible, he really couldn't give a shit about her plight. Yes, it would be nice if she escaped and lived happily ever after, probably to start a lucrative career in reality TV, but unless it was him or someone close to him escaping, did Sunil give a shit?


Closing his eyes, he went to sleep.
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