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With the former-tree firmly and rightfully put in its place she set about composing herself. She rearranged the bags on her back, shifted the rifle onto her other shoulder, and tried to just breathe. In, out. She pushed her hands down, as if she was repelling all the frustration and embarrasingly unmannerly rage from herself. She was the very essence of tranquility.

It didn't last for long. The tree-stumps weren't the only thing getting on her nerves. So was the sun which beat down upon her, despite the sunscreen and wide-brimmed hat she now wore. So were the bags clawing at her shoulders. So was the fact she hadn't found anything remotely interesting in the Ranger's station book-wise. So was the way she smelt. And so was... So was... Everything. She was a raging ball of discomfort and she was sick of it. Sick of it all.

She laid the rifle down, dropped her bags against the nearest tree stump, and finally used them as a cushion as she took a little rest. She needed a rest. She let out a long sigh, closed her eyes for a second and just thought. How nice it was going to be at the lighthouse. How nice it would be if she were home with Emily, a warm bath, a cup of tea and a book. She could almost taste it.

Well, no, she couldn't taste anything much because her mouth was dry and horrible.

Wasser... Wie spricht man das andere Wort... Durstig? Ja. Durstig.

She withdrew a bottle, removed the lid, and began to drink. She tried to do so sparingly, the last major river was at least, oh, 2 hours behind her? And though the water bottles were now all full she couldn't be sure she'd find a suitable creek. She'd just sip this one as she went along now that she thought about it, there were a few more in her bag for later.

For now though, she was content to just sit. And drink. And daydream.
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