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Reiko didn't look at Carol as she gave her little speech. Talking about finding their friends and escaping and the army coming and being big heroes and saving them all. And where would that leave her? Reiko had killed five people, all of which was no doubt caught on camera. Even if they were saved, she would no doubt be institutionalized or jailed or shot on the spot or something. Of course, that wasn't going to happen anyways. Danya was too smart for that.

And her friends? Her so called friends who she hung out with at school? Well, Reiko didn't want to see any of them right now either. Ben only hung around with her to get laid, and well... he succeeded in that. Why he continued to hang around with her after that, she didn't know. Maybe he was hoping for another night alone or something. Not that it was ever going to happen. Jacob was only there because of Paige. Paige who was dead, dead along with her best friend Amber. Reiko didn't have any friends she could truly call by such a name.

What about Sarah?

Reiko clenched her empty hand as the thought of her girlfriend entered her mind. Poor, sweet Sarah. How heartbroken she must have been to hear precious little Reiko's name come up time and time again, having to hear the details about how her innocent little love was killing people. She probably gave up on her a long time ago, more intent on some sort of crackpot scheme to try and get herself out alive which would ultimately fail. Any feelings that she may have had for the little figure skater were probably long gone....


"Carol..." Reiko said, still refusing to look at the girl who claimed to be her friend. "Things... things aren't going to work the way you want them to. No-one's coming to save us. Even if they did, I'm not coming home with you. They'll shoot me on sight. I've... I've done horrible things on this island." Reality bit, but she continued.

"You heard right? On the announcements. About Cyrille and Sally and what's his name and Raina? They all died because of me. Their blood is on my hands. I, I fought for my life, and I came out on top. That's what it's all about right? Survival of the Fittest. It's the name of the game. The strong survive and the weak die. And I'm not... I can't be weak."

Reiko finally turned and looked Carol in the eye. "I've always been strong. Ever since I was a kid, everyone counted me out. 'Oh look at Reiko, she's so small, she'll never be good at skating. There goes Reiko, she'll never get a boyfriend with that face.' On and on and on and on. They didn't think I heard them whispering but I did. I used those taunts, and they fueled me. I vowed that I would show everyone that I was better than them, and guess what? I did. Every single little prissy bitch, bitches like Sally Connelly, I proved to them that I was superior. This is no different." She stopped, trying to find what to say next.

"Look, Carol. You have to ask yourself." Reiko couldn't help but smirk slightly as she said the next line. "Do you want to die?"
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