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((Rob Jenkins continued from Fucking Compasses... How Do They Work?))

Another day, then another night, and then another day. Walk, eat, sleep, wake up, eat, walk again. Robert's life on the island entered the familiar routine of his other, normal life in St. Paul, only difference being, there was no practice or a basketball game in it (and school, but who the fuck cares about the school?).

It was weird. For a deadly game like SotF, Rob's journey was really peaceful so far. Sure, he had a fight already, but he was the aggressor in it. Sure, he witnessed person dying, but again - he was the killer. Apart from that, only some bullshit trash-talk, and lots and lots of walking alone, while according to Danya - people died left and right. Not that it really concerned him. Being away from any action had it's perks, like not risking your life, and that was a part of Rob's plan to survive after all.

What did concern him, was the fact he got lost in the FUCKING forest yet again. Rob cursed himself from going off the trail and entering the woods. Now, he just walked for another FUCKING hour, tripping on the same FUCKING root for the third time, and watching the same FUCKING trees over and over again.

Wait... The same?

Rob looked around with a feeling, he already was here before. He broke one of the thin branches on the nearby tree, leaned it on the trunk of it's previous owner, and walked forward once again.

Guess what?

About two hours later, Rob encountered the same branch leaning on the same trunk. It was confirmed. He was FUCKING lost, and he was walking in FUCKING circles.

"Fuck my life. That is all."

At least that was all, in terms of understandable speech, as Rob still angrily grumbled under his nose, as he sat down and took his map and compass from the pack again. He found the north, turned his face that direction, put the map on the ground, and the compass on the map. He still held his gun tightly with his right hand, while the left one scratched redhead's chin, making Rob aware of the fact, he was in a desperate need for a shave.

But, first things first...

How to get the fuck out of here?

Rob scanned the map carefully. Swamp to the north got dumped off quickly...

First, I could only go to the sunken ship from there, or even worse, to the all too familiar felled forests. Besides, who the fuck would want to march through a fucking swamp?

Trip to the west or south means even more trees, so they...

As Rob was completely occupied with studying the map, he failed to notice, that at least two other figures appeared nearby. For someone, who tried avoid risks and dangerous situations at all cost, Rob was way too careless about his surrounding, and that was already a second proof of that. On the plus side, the chance of the two other people sneaking behind him, and turning on the Insane Clown Posse in his ears were slim to none this time.
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