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"Crowbar. To the head." Giving a very loud swear, he got out the first aid kit and had a look at the guy. No visible cuts, only a bit of swelling. Maybe something inside broken, but you don't touch that, you call 911 and get him upright with air.

The problem was that 911 wouldn't work here.

"Maybe we could like... put water over his head or something?" asked Chase. Not a bad idea. Would slow the bruising and swelling or something like that. Powell nodded quickly. "Good. That would work well."

At the mention of defending from Rachel, he gave a sudden jolt. "Oh jeez, where's Alex. I told him he could tag along if he could drop the chainsaw..." Twirling around, he swore. "Damni-"

Leave the island?

"Wait, woah. Leave the island? How? Collars are tamper-proof, remember?" Glancing at the man on the ground, he quickly thought. "Look, you have a plan? I don't care what you've done, I'll follow if you know what you're doing."
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