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((Maxwell Crowe continued from The Mercenary))

(One day earlier, in the woods)

Max wandered around the forest aimlessly. His great plan to find Maria and learn what the hell was wrong with her, had one, glaring like a thousand suns, hole: He didn't even know where to start looking for her. He looked at the map a few times, but honestly, how could it really help? It only told the blonde, that the island was big, which discouraged him even further. Even if Maria made a house from sticks and pure craziness somewhere on the island (which actually COULD BE a possibility with her) and barricaded herself inside, it still meant Max had at least 30 different places to check. And since she was most likely a moving target, it looked like Max faced the mission impossible.

Oh, and there was the case of Max not even knowing himself where exactly he was. All he could see were trees, and that meant he could be anywhere. But even though the frustration was eating his usual happy-go-lucky attitude he managed to retrieve after resting in the warehouse, Max only clenched his teeth and and moved forward. Finding Maria was more important. At least for him, since knowing Maria, she either thought about her being a killer, or about Robo-Bear or something similar.

Then, after about half an hour, Maxwell managed to see something else rather than yet another tree. Max looked upwards, and suddenly, an old saying came to his mind:

Well, if the mountain will not come to Mohammad, Mohammad will go to the mountain...

Of course, there was only a slim chance, that Maria would be there (Maria climbing a mountain was one of those few things he couldn't really imagine), but it was a place to start. It also wasn't a part of a FUCKING forest. Without a second of hesitation, Max started marching toward his new destination.


(present time)

Damn... It really would ease things up if that Mountain would come to me instead...

Despite the fact, he had the best possible footwear to hitchhike, the trek was still far from pleasurable. First of all, Maxwell's energy was only half-recovered, and a long trip through the woods didn't help to change that state in any (favorable) way. Second thing, it started getting dark and cold. And finally, even though he was moving on a nice trail, he still had to help himself with his hands on a few occasions, and since they were both occupied (flashlight in one hand, and pistol in the other), it wasn't really that easy.

Finally, a lot of huffs and puffs later, Max reached the top. The prize: Speakers coming up to life again. It surprised him a bit, as it was still far from dawn, and it would be weird for Danya to make another announcement so soon, but after hearing what he heard, he actually regretted it wasn't one. True, it was refreshing to hear that Mr. Kwong was still alive, and terrorist's concern about that Liz Polanski girl meant, she was on the right track with collar removing, but it also proved, that Danya kept his hand on the pulse, and if Liz won't reveal her tricks to everyone real soon, they're all going to have some serious trouble. And there was also the case of Mr. Kwong being forced to blow off the collar of some (apparently) Japanese kid.

Max shuddered as he heard the word 'eliminated'. While climbing the mountain, he could at least replace the thoughts about Maria and the game with cursing at the trail, but now, all of his concerns came back. Seconds later, he had a new one to add.

As he noticed, after the speakers went off again, his flashlight actually pointed at a silhouette this whole time, as he stared dumbfounded during the 'special announcement'. The girl. Blonde. Just sitting there, and looking quite depressed. Max had a knack for guessing the mood of his family and friends, and this girl's face clearly shown the feeling, Max only managed to taste once, during the miserable times of his junior high - despair.

"Oh my God..."

Max quickly went toward the girl and put his hand on her shoulder. Closer look revealed, it was no one else but Sierra Manning. Maxwell was never good at recognizing faces, and he always kept the safe distance from every possible rumor mill, but even HE recognized her, which meant she had to be quite popular back at school. The problem was, she was as far away from the extremely outgoing attitude he remembered her for - as possible at that point.

"Are you all right?"

Dumb question, but Maxwell's head was so filled with thoughts and questions, he couldn't think of anything better. In fact, he was so confused at that moment, he didn't even notice, there were two more girls standing nearby.
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