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Bread and water...like a fairytale witch, Celeste couldn't help think, wondering why she was thinking of fairytales of all things right now. She'd never liked those--Mom had read them to her and her sister at night, when they were little. Celeste had hated them, found them boring for some reason--that was the exact opposite reaction of what they were supposed to get, weren't they?--but for some reason, the witch/fairy/what-the-hell-ever who did a good deed in return for a small kindness stuck with her. She didn't know why, after all, where would she really run into someone like that?

Yet here they both were.

Why not? she thought to herself, grinning even wider--an ironic grin now, not holding much good humor. "Yeah, sure...water and bread in return for leading Red Riding Sweater out of the dark and dank tunnels, eh? Can I call you 'fairy helper?'" she asked, holding her hand out for a pencil.

Oh, but wait--Celeste pulled her hand back again, slightly. This Pandora chick might not stay with her after leading her from the tunnels--in fact, Celeste wouldn't out it past her to be staying in there, hoping to ride out, or rather hide out, the entire game. Least 'til the tunnels become a danger-zone, she thought to herself. But if Pandora really was staying in here...

"Wait. I got a friend I lost here--can't remember when exactly," she half-lied, "but she's probably stuck here too. She's got a weapon, I don't. I need to be with her if we're gonna live through this--gotta go back for my hammer of course," she shrugged. "But yeah, she's stuck here too. You wanna lead us Both out, Fairy Pandora?" Remembering what Pandora had offered, Celeste quickly followed with "I'll give you double the bread and water you requested."
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