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John walked up to the edge of the cliffs and watched a couple of waves hit the rocks below. The shotgun hung limply in one hand and he considered, if only for a moment, throwing it. What had it done for him?

Caused his arm to start aching. Shot a guy. Hung around uselessly.

Nothing else! Problems. That's what this was.

He then thought to look around, so did so as he took a step back. He froze when his eyes focussed on the three teens stood a short distance away.

Vivian - super-gay of the whole school. John liked guys, but Vivian took it up a notch for sure.
Janet - cheerleader who was too chaste to have a reputation but too slutty to avoid one.
Sofia - she was in History, right?

He slowly licked his lips, very aware of the fact he didn't reload his shotgun. He might have ended up blowing his crotch up or his face off, in his hurry to run from where he shot that guy. On the plus side - there was a small statue and a lead pipe on display. If those were the only weapons here, a fight would totally go in his favour. So long as he reloaded the shotgun before they reached him and beat the shit out of him...

He slowly let his bags slip down his arm and fall to the ground. Ammo was fairly resilient, right? Collisions with clothing was harmless... Surely. But should he speak? They seemed to be talking - they must have been travelling in a group. So it really was three-against-one...
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