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Reiko stood in place for a long while after pulling the trigger. Here eyes didn't leave the now dead body of Rizzo Vitoria, the gun still pointed in his direction. Blood pooled around his head, and his eyes stared back at her, almost in an accusing glare. They looked at her as if to say "I could have survived!why did you shoot me?" It took all of Reiko's willpower to pry her eyes away from the body, looking at the ground at her feet.

She did the right thing, didn't she? In normal circumstances he might have been able to survive, but that was when there were ambulances and doctors and nurses and stuff. Out here.... out here they were just a bunch of high school kids with no medical training. He was going to die anyway, Reiko just made sure he suffered less. She would want the same thing in that situation. It was just the right thing to do, like putting down an injured animal.

Reiko could hear Carol crying behind her. She didn't dare look at her friend. Carol wouldn't understand that it was the right thing to do. If she hadn't done it, then they would have just left him there to live his last futile moments in pain, or at the mercy of some other student, free to have their way with him. At least now... Now he was gone. Now he didn't have to worry about this horrid game. But Carol wouldn't understand. She would just see that Reiko had shot him.

"It had to be done." Reiko found herself saying, still staring at the ground. "He was going to die anyways, just like the rest of us. Saving his life would have been futile. He would have just been a burden."
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