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Rizzo began to shiver, a twitch making itself apparent in his arm. He WAS shot. But it didn't hurt... It just ached, like the rest of his body did. But why?

He looked up and saw a fuzzy shape approaching him.

"I think I was shot..." he muttered weakly just as his vision cleared on a single object. A gun.

He whimpered and pushed backwards with his good leg. She was going to shoot him again! Maybe shoot him... Dead!

"It's okay, you won't feel a thing."

"Please..." he whispered, his voice sounding hoarse and dry. The collar was particularly choking right now. He kept trying to back away, but he was going at a less-than-ideal pace. The gun raised - he couldn't even see his killer's face. What could he do to get out of this? Offer sexual services? Be a slave? A human shield?

He was always good at finding things for people. Things they need, they want... But he couldn't even find the words to beg now he was faced with a gun. What do killers want? To kill.


Rizzo didn't even feel the bullet hit. He was on the ground all of a sudden, a round of metal ammunition buried in the middle of his brain.

As blood and thought leaked away from him, he thought - why wasn't his life flashing before his eyes?

B107 - Rizzo Vitoria DECEASED
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