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[[Jasper-Declan MacDermott continued from Late Dawns & Early Sunsets]]

Jasper-Declan was alone.


Well, he wasn't precisely alone. Well, he was, technically, but he wasn't alone in a permanent-for-the-foreseeable-future sort of way. It was like being left home alone with your parents and siblings away- you knew they'd come home sooner or later, and though you were alone in that moment in time, soon enough there'd be company. Except that he was never going to see his parents or siblings again.

He never really liked metaphors, anyway. Or similes, as he supposed this one was.

Ah, well...

Carly had left him for the time being, saying she needed some time on her own, and Jasper-Declan was the last person to disapprove of that. In fact, he was glad to have some alone time for himself. He felt almost hypocritical of his own feelings- first he'd wanted to be alone, then he'd desperately wanted to find a group to stave off loneliness. And now he wanted to be alone, yet again. Do the others feel this way? This incredible urge for company, and yet a still present desire for solitude? Is that normal?

What is normal?

And so he drifted farther and farther off, as he was wont to do.


Time passed.

He wasn't bored. Jasper-Declan didn't get bored. It was impossible to be bored when you could easily fascinate yourself with the facets of a single fallen leaf, as he could and had done. He was, however, lonely, and slightly worried. The worry surprised him- there was no reason for it, as he barely knew this girl- but it manifested itself nonetheless.

Perhaps I should go after her?

Considering our present location (that is, this island, not where we are at this particular moment...I am unsure as to where that is, precisely) there is a fairly high likelihood that she has gotten into some sort of trouble. Considering Carly's general disposition and...volume...the likelihood seems a bit higher.

It is strange, how...how this island can so dramatically change a person, in so short a span of time. I have been alive for eighteen years and yet in the previous three days I do believe I have changed more than I had in the thousands prior...(ignoring, of course, my normal growth from infant to child, and from child to teenager, as I suppose everyone goes through those changes...I wonder what it would be like, for a human who never did...?)

...He was going off again.

...At any rate, I certainly would never feel so strongly for someone I met so recently in any other circumstance. It is quite remarkable, the affect the threat of incoming death can have on one's psyche. Even on one such as myself...I have hardly thought of that inevitability at all. Even now it is hardly a reality for me. And yet even I am changing.

Perhaps it is not that. Perhaps death has little to do with it. Perhaps I am simply...learning?

Other people do seem to be capable of forming attachments so quickly, or at least capable of feeling strongly about human life as a whole. Perhaps this is a good thing.

Perhaps I should be protecting the person who led me to this conclusion?

Jasper-Declan had, in typically roundabout fashion, made up his mind.

He stood, reestablishing his grip on his gun. His gun. He'd almost forgotten about his gun, but it was still there, with eight bullets and the capacity to cause great suffering. Jasper-Declan's biggest question still went unanswered, but it was there nonetheless.

Why do I have a gun? What is this gun for?

Jasper-Declan began to walk, following in the imaginary footsteps of Carly hours before.

He wanted to know. But now was not the moment he wanted to find out.

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