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Isabel looked down at the paper, then back up at the girl. A quick glance around the group, down at the paper, back to the girl. She closed her eyes and shook her head. She stood up, taking two slow steps back, head still shaking.

The terrorists are going to get her. If they weren’t one hundred percent sure of what she’d done before, they sure know now that she’s smashed a camera with no consequence. They’re going to be out for her blood. I’ve seen this show, Danya isn’t a good loser. There’s nothing to stop him from sending five heavily armed guys to the island, having them walk right up to Liz and shoot her in the head to take out a possible hiccup in his game.

And just like that the speakers screeched and the voice of a man who wasn’t Danya came on. She looked up and listened. When the announcement was over she closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, opening them to look at the group.

“…..well that was a bit much.”

He had said pretty much all that she thought he would say, though the hunting down of allies and the random explosion of collars was unexpected. They had covered all their bases and so swiftly crushed Liz's plan that Isabel almost gave them a slow clap. Isabel looked away from Liz, she wasn’t looking at anything in particular, but she couldn’t look at the girl. It was difficult to look at someone who had had their hourglass turned upside down and was running down to the last grains of sand. She was dead alive, and if someone didn’t kill her soon, Danya would do it himself. Isabel heaved a heavy sigh and looked down at Liz’s shoes, still not at her.

“You had to have expected that, though. You spat in the face of dangerous people and you couldn’t think that they weren’t going to retaliate.”

Isabel walked back to where she had left her bag. She opened it up and stuck her hand inside. Next to the bag was the knife, the knife she had dropped that belonged to the girl. A special prize to anyone who killed her, and she was as good as dead anyway. The thought crossed her mind briefly. Her hand found metal and she pulled it up, close to her.

Carefully, steadily, she walked back to Liz.


She dropped a tin of crackers in her lap. Isabel couldn’t kill someone for trying to escape a bad situation, but she also couldn’t stay with someone who was clearly done for. Still, she felt bad and giving her something helped assuage the guilt.

“But, I can’t stay with you. Take this; you’ll need it more than I will.”

She turned and walked back towards her things, picked up her bag, but turned suddenly.

“I hope I see you again. I really do.”

((Isabel Guerra continued in The House of the Rising Sun ))
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