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((Sorry about how long it's taken D:))

Dave pulled the girl out of the water and set her down by the riverbank, before himself climbing out of the river. He was soaked to the skin- as to be expected, really- and breathing heavy, but he'd be fine. The girl they'd have to worry about.

"Collar shit?" He leant in to Liz's notepad. "Hey, see, that fucked you up so no thanks to that, but if you need someone to stop people killing you, I guess I could lend a hand."

Okay? Dave nodded in agreement, he was up for th-

The intercom blared, but, instead of that douchebag Danya, it was... Mr. Kwong? The Math teacher? Why the fuck was he talking to them? Oh God, and he'd just put out a bounty on the very girl he was standing over. Great. Just his fucking luck, huh? Oh, and anyone who helped her would have their head relieved from their shoulders. Amazing. That'd have been good to know before he threw her into the river, thanks.

Oh shit and they'd talked about being told her plan by pad causing explosions and sending people to kill them and shit that was what she was doing right that very second. They had to get out of there before they exploded or the “bounty hunters” started showing up.

"Er, scratch what I said earlier... This is some shit you've gotten us into, Lizzy." Dave looked down at her, writing and stuff. "Now, to be honest, I'm gonna pass on the whole "Kill Liz and recieve a fantastic prize" deal, but sorry, I'm not gonna stick my neck out to protect yours."

He felt just a little bit like a douchebag after that, though.

"Best of luck, though." Dave reached into his pocket, pulled out his kitchen knife. Dropped it beside Liz. She was sat there, white as a sheet. "Oh, and, uh, keep the sweater."
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