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How cute.
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...Well shit.

"Ah well... Jimmy? Jimmy. Oi."

Alex just wanted to make sure the noisy and boisterous boy was really out cold. To make absolutely sure, he proceeded to poke Jimmy in the side with his foot. Repeatedly.

"Out cold huh? Good. Stay that way for a couple hours."

Right, time to wrap it up there. Alex had someone to find, after all, so sitting around here with none other than Jimmy fucking Brennan, out cold and drooling, wasn't going to help make progress in his goals. Then again, his goals weren't exactly the most illustrious; find girl, steal girl's pills, make up for lost time. Really, this probably wouldn't be the last time he knocked someone out to find Andrea. But was she really worth it? Or rather, were the pills she had worth all of this? The hostility and the anger and the fighting, was it really worth it?

Probably not. But it was fun.

"You know what Jimmy? I know we didn't clash back in school much but I have to say, it's very fun to kick your ass. I can see why you always got into fights before and why my dad always kept telling me this stuff was for self defense. It's invigorating, y'know? Knowing that at any moment, you could overpower anyone you met... Looks like I proved that with you huh?"

Alex was squatting down next to Jimmy's unconscious body, poking him idly and digging through his backpack while he spoke. Every now and then he'd pull something out for a closer look only to toss it aside; he wasn't looking to take Jimmy's food or water or clothing. He wanted to see if the foul mouthed boy had anything along the line of Ritalin or something similar in that backpack of his. He certainly seemed the type to be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or something like that. But no luck in finding anything he would really take from the boy. No pills and even more surprisingly, no weapons. Just a can.

"Didn't take you for one to drink Moxie, Jimmy boy. Really, who drinks this stuff? I haven't even heard about it since I moved. But hey, I'll tell you what. I'll leave it with you today. I'm not so vindictive to take a man's soft drink."

Setting the can directly in front of Jimmy's face, he continued rifling through his things before tossing the backpack aside. Nothing useful he was comfortable with taking. Just the same food that Alex was given and Jimmy's spare clothes, though a few things were already missing. No map and no water bottle, just spare clothes. He could use a change of wardrobe but that was about all Alex thought concerning the clothes. He didn't need 'em, didn't want 'em and certainly had no use for them outside of rags for the torch. Which reminded him...

"Probably not a good idea to leave this lying here. Could start a fire."

Alex picked up the still burning torch and tried to get the barely burning fire to take once more. He wasn't paying attention to the ground or the fact the torch had indeed started a fire. At least not until after the torch was burning healthily once again. Only then did he look down and notice the little fire that had started in the detritus. It was great tinder, this old dead plant matter. Better take care of that fire though...

"Oh, ha. Looks like I already did. Again!"

Of course, he wouldn't just let it burn. Really, Jimmy was a pain and it was a riot kicking him around a bit, but killing the poor boy by leaving him to burn? Not part of the plan and definitely not something Alex wanted to do. He wasn't exactly in his right mind but he still wasn't about to let the boy die.

Well, at least not by his own actions.

"You know, I didn't even really mean to set the first one in the swamp. It just sort of spread. One second it's just a burning rag in a bottle and the next, poof, it's a big ol' wildfire."

Why was he talking to Jimmy anyways? It's not like he could really hear him and respond or anything.

"Ah well... Here, I'll give you a little something to keep you alive. Soda isn't the most hydrating of drinks, y'know. You should have brought Gatorade instead. Y'know what... consider it a trade. I did take something, after all. I think it's a fair trade, don't you?"

Digging out a half empty water bottle from one of the bags on his back, he didn't really care which, Alex proceeded to leave the little gift next to Jimmy's can of Moxie. It felt a little weird doing that after knocking Jimmy out like that, but Alex wasn't all bad. He was just... I don't know, irritable? Irrational? Who knows, exactly. Something wasn't quite clicking after losing his addictive substance, that much was certain.

"Well, it's been fun Jimmy. But I'm going to hit the road. Got things to do..."

Pills to take...

"And people to see."

Holding up an object he'd apparently taken from Jimmy's bag, Alex grinned for a moment.

I may have lost it... but damn, it certainly is fun.

Pocketing the compass with his destination in mind, Alex was off.

Leaving Jimmy in the dirt.

"Feelin' a little Tom Cruise Crazy..."

[Boy #14 - Alex White. Continued in The Magi.]
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