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The faceless fear
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((Ooc: Sorry took me so long. Having some busy days at work.))

Meredith looked at Celeste and sighed, a slow, wistful sound. “I have implements of writing, so you need not use your own. Since you cannot see in this darkness, I can lead you out of these tunnels in exchange for a bite of your bread and a sip of your water.”

Her hand hovered momentarily over the hilt of her shiv, fingers just touching the cloth part. It would be so easy. So easy right now to cut into the other girl’s face, but Meredith knew that the girl hadn’t damned herself yet.

Besides, she had a duty to perform and the girl hadn’t quite said no, even if she had smiled. She hadn’t rejected Meredith, just voiced some frustrations. She didn’t deserve to die. Not yet.

“Will you come with me? What is your name? I doubt it is on the lists of the dead since you seem to be alive right now.” Meredith whispered.
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