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How cute.
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"The first person? Really? You're lucky then."

Maybe. I haven't decided yet.

"I'm sure there are plenty of people out here you'd rather not run in to."

Sofia listened for a moment as he pulled his 'weapon', shifting uneasily as he withdrew the object from the bag, expecting something far more dangerous. Of course, when he pulled out that little statuette, she couldn't help but let a smile slip out, especially when he started complaining about it. She probably would have laughed a bit if she was in higher spirits, but she was still focused on one thing and one thing only. Still, it was enjoyable to see someone complaining about what they'd gotten; most people she'd run in to seemed to have better weapons then she did, things like swords and sectioned staves and possibly worse. Seeing someone with a weapon that was more or less worse than hers was a little comforting.

Let's just hope the other people showing up were in the same boat weapon-wise.

Of course, when she turned to face the other voice, she didn't recognize who it was; she was too far away to identify the other girl properly and Sofia didn't recognize her voice. For a moment, she thought it might have been that goth girl whatsherface looking to get revenge for her ruined outfit. Of course, Sofia could tell the other girl was clothed even from this distance, so she didn't really think it was that goth girl. Then again... who brought only one outfit? It could be anyone... better not relax too much.

Holding the lead pipe tight, she expected the worst. She didn't exactly expect Janet to be the one who showed up. There wasn't any reason to be afraid of her. Sure, more people meant more danger and more chances of one of them being a few marbles short, but Janet was alright, wasn't she? Well, she was more than a little aggressive in school and she was part of that whole group of cheerleaders. Not exactly the best image. But oh well, she was better than the alternatives.

"Oh, it's you."

Wow, not exactly a great greeting. Still, at least she lowered her weapon. There was paranoia still and even a little panic, but there was no reason to hold a weapon on Janet. She didn't look to be armed or dangerous, so there really was no reason to show any hostility toward her. Well, neither was Meredith, now that she thought about it... but that little goth slut had it coming.

"Sorry, I was expecting someone else."

Like Meredith or...

"Do either of you have any plans from here on, by any chan--"

Her words caught in her throat when she spotted none other than John Smith walking toward the cliffs... toting a shotgun. She eyed the cliffs and the sea below. Would she survive it? It was a long fall... but if John wasn't exactly all there, she needed to have a plan right? She looked for a way out... and found none.

Nowhere to run.

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