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Can you hear me?
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"Wh-what's going on...? I don't..."

She could hear that soft murmur.

So someone was nearby! And they heard her. So, they knew she was here, right? It wasn't as if she startled them, didn't she? Their voice seemed quiet, though... like talking was difficult. It came from the bush, didn't it?

And that's when it hit Carol.

She further approached the bush, and looked at the other side.

Carol could remember Rizzo Vitoria. She had heard rumors that he took things out of the dumpster on a regular basis, which she wasn't sure of but was supported by his ratty clothes he always wore. What was he doing though? He was on the ground... was he in pain?

She saw that he was bleeding from the leg.


Did she do that? But... but... she didn't mean to! She was just being clumsy! Holy shit, she just wanted to see if who was there, and scare them off if they attacked them! She wasn't trying to kill him!

Carol quietly placed her gun on the ground, and stepped towards him, trembling.

"Are... are you okay? I mean, I didn't mean to- I was just-"

Reiko stepped beside her.

She began talking, saying things like "It's okay, you won't feel a thing." It reminded Carol of how someone would talk to a dying pet, in a way. Something about the tone was both comforting and unnerving at the same time.

A look towards her, and Carol's eyes widened.

She was pointing a gun at him.

No, she couldn't... she shouldn't... she mustn't...

"Reiko, don't- he might be able to-" Carol began. But a somewhat similar cracking noise interrupted her.

She quickly put her hands to her face, not wishing to see it. And soon after she fell to her knees.

Oh god, she didn't. She couldn't have.

Even without lifting her hands away, she knew what happened. Reiko had essentially mercy-killed him. No, she didn't. She couldn't do that. Right? He was alive, safe and sound... they'd bring him over to the Infirmary and patch him up, just like she had offered to Reiko-

She wasn't supposed to kill anymore. Carol was supposed to protect her. Just because she was injured and so she wouldn't have blood on her hands anymore. That's what friends did, right? They protected each other in times like this. That's why she had gone to investigate, so that she didn't have to worry. Reiko didn't need to do something like this. Rizzo could have made it out okay. They just needed to stop the blood flow and put bandages on it. It was simple. And now she- they- shot someone, it was going to be on the Announcement, and people would view Reiko as some sort of psycho-killer when she wasn't.

Carol burst into sobs, crying into her hands and sleeves.

"Reiko... what are we going to do- what are we- no... I think we-"

She couldn't get the next two words out, but she knew what they were. "Killed" and "him". She wasn't able to say it, going coming out in choked sobs. But she knew it. Oh, she knew it.

Reiko was her friend, this wasn't supposed to happen. They were supposed to escape with all their friends and bring Danya to justice. Nothing like this. She never expected this. This wasn't happening... no...

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